Sunday, July 11, 2010

Seven questions on a Sunday night...

I've been packing and moving all day with my BF and we're pretty much done for the day until the movers come in the morning. So I'm showered, back in my PJ's, on the couch and watching a marathon of Whale Wars on Animal Planet.

One of my favorite bloggettes, Julie from Brown Eyed Belle, tagged me in a cute little blog very first! You answer some questions and then tag other bloggers to do the same on their blog. So excited...and it's perfect timing since I'm only about 10 posts into my new blog venture - so this will give my newbie readers some more insight into my blog's!

Question 1: Favorite Color?

My favorite color is green - any shade. But I really love green and blue together - I think that's why I'm such a fan of peacocks. Imagine my excitement when Target's Liberty of London collection included a peacock pattern. Yes, I bought up about everything they offered in it..

photo i took at friend's wedding - i love peacocks! This one did not love me.

Question 2: Favorite Restaurant?
My BF and I are so in love with a small Italian restaurant in Mt. Pleasant called Cappricio. Italian food is my fave, and Cappricio by far has the best Italian I've ever had. You get a huge basket of Italian bread and you dip it in olive oil and grated parmesan cheese. We always order an extra basket!

The food isn't the only thing that makes this place one of the best in Charleston - it's also very cozy and quaint with wooden tables covered (inside) with hanging large umbrellas. The wine is delish and you eat by candlelight. The staff is awesome and the owner (who is French!) and his wife always visits your table to make sure everything meets your expectations.

Mmmm...I'm craving it now.

Question 3: Hobbies?

I have so many - sometimes I think too many! Ballet (and other dance styles) is probably one of my biggest hobbies. I've been doing ballet since I was four - I was very serious in high school and danced six days a week and did all sorts of performances. I kept up with it through college and still, in my late twenties, take classes at the Robert Ivey ballet here in Charleston. I'm not nearly as good as I used to be as my body gets older and won't move like it used to, but it's an amazing work out. Plus, it makes me feel good that I can still 'hang' in the advanced classes despite being almost 10 years older than the other girls and boys in the class. :)

me as Mary Poppins

me as Cinderella (front left) w/ Fairy Godmother & season fairies

Other hobbies: tennis, blogging, bike riding, bowling (yes, bowling..but remember I was raised in Alabama, I have my own ball and shoes!), painting...and shopping, that's a hobby, right?

Question 4: What does your room look like?

Well, right now it's all packed up in about twenty boxes since I'm moving. But to give you a general idea, it's greens and yellows and blues. I have a dark brown bedroom set from JC Penny, and my bedding is from Bed, Bath & Beyond...I love it. It's more green in person.

And since moving gives me an excuse to buy new decorative things, I bought two of these gorgeous window panels from Anthropologie to compliment my room decor.
Question 5: If you could have dinner with two people, dead or alive, who would they be?

I'm going to have to agree with Julie and say my grandparents - both sets (so I need dinner with 4 people) who are no longer here. I kick myself every day thinking about how many summers I could have spent with them while in high school or college, but how I stupidly stayed home to hang out with friends or do other so-not-important summer stuff. Now as I get older, I have so many questions for them. I want to know about my family's history and my ancestors. I wish I had spent more time with them...I miss them.

my dad's parents with my older sister; this is the grandmother I look a lot like

Question 5: What is your next big splurge?

I'm definitely making a few of those with my move, including paying double rent this month (ouch). But if "big" is really big, then probably a house in Charleston. I already own a house in Columbia that I rent out now to a tenant...but before I moved down here I lived in it for almost four years and put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into it.

And despite the hardships of being a home owner (yard work, repairs, etc.), it is totally worth it. Knowing that the money you're paying each month is an investment you'll eventually get back (hopefully) someday is a great feeling. And all of the repairs and hard work feel great afterwards... knowing that you're bettering something you own. I hate paying rent..I'm doing it again for another year out of necessity, but fingers crossed next time I move will be into something I own.

in my dreams

Question 6: What is your favorite joke, quote, or saying?

My fave quote is a Winston Churchill quote - I love it because I'm really big on standing up for myself, for my friends, and for what I believe in -- even if it makes people like me least I know I'm always true to myself. I am never fake..I'm a very "what you see is what you get" type of girl.

Question 7: Anything else you would like known (a random fact)?

This is somewhat random...but my dream is to design clothes for women. I know that's probably a lot of people's dreams, but if I could go back and redo things, I would have gone to school for fashion design.

I went to Clemson and got a BS in Computer Engineering...a very math heavy and very, very difficult major. After that I continued at Clemson and got my MBA in E-commerce. I am happy with my career path, after all I'm a computer nerd at heart - but corporate America and the politics of it is wearing on me. I like being creative, and I rarely get to use my creativity in my current occupation.

I love fashion and clothes - but what I really want to do is design clothes for real women. Every time I try on something and it has weird pleats or funny seams...or the top is bigger than the bottom, etc., I want to 're-engineer' the design so it actually flatters normal bodies. I don't want to be a popular, famous designer...I would just be content designing beautiful dresses and selling them in my own boutique by the beach.

I've actually bought some fashion business books and have started trying to find sewing classes in Charleston - but with all of my other hobbies (see question 3), I barely have time to even think about it.


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**Thx again to Julie from Brown Eyed Belle for tagging me - this was too fun!


Lacey in the City said...

Thanks so much for tagging me! Reading your blog always makes me homesick (I think I might have told you I was born in Charleston?) for South Carolina, and Charleston especially. It's such a special place. Sometimes I yearn to get away from the hustle and bustle that is New York.

Also, love those new curtains you ordered for your room! Good luck with the move, I know that those are such a hassle!


Buckhead Belle said...

Hello, hello and thank you for the tag! Of course I am all too happy to play along and answer! Look out for it on my blog veryyy soon!

Valerie said...

I love that Winston Churchill quote too. So true. It's fun to hear more about you! Hope you had a great weekend.