Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My ninja name is Mirishikiarichifu.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Source: via Alana on Pinterest

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The House That Fun Built

So as you read in my last post, my fiance and I are getting ready to close on a new house! So of course I'm now looking for decor inspiration on the internets (yes, internet can be plural)...

Side Note: Thanks to all of you who posted Pinterest tips in the comments on my last post - I feel like such a moron for not knowing the obvious, lol, so thanks for clearing it up for me... doh! Computer Engineering degree what? Le Sigh.

Look what I stumbled upon this morning - a three story house that has stairs and slides! How cool is this!?!? Yes, it may be intended for families with kids...but hey, grown ups can have fun too, right?

The stick figures 'modeling' the slide action are hilarious.
I love the gymnast dismount landing at the bottom of the slide. Perfect 10!


Why or why not I may or may not be M.I.A.

  1. My wedding is less than 3 months away... AHH!! Ordering invites, programs favors, finalizing menus, organizing song lists, first dress fitting (my dress is Ah-mazing!), got my shoes, hunting for and saving tons of 'wedding hair' potential photos, scheduling final meet ups with vendors, etc. etc. etc. Phew.
  2. Football Season - I'm a loyal and devoted Clemson fan and of course a season ticket holder... Labor Day weekend was a trip to Clemson and I'll be back again this weekend for the Auburn game.
  3. I'm finally getting serious about weight loss and healthiness - I now have a nutritionist (love!) and a personal trainer...
  4. Work. The usual.
  5. This past Saturday was me and my fiance's 5 year anniversary.
  6. And what's really, really keeping me busy -- WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! {cheers...applause} We got an amazing house for an amazing price in Mt. Pleasant... we went from looking for a house to rent to making an offer and getting a contract on a house...all within about a week's time.
All of these warrant their own (or many) blog hopefully soon I'll have time to actually share more details with you.

Meanwhile... enjoy this randomly cute puppy photo of Willow to start your week with a smile... :)

Doesn't he look like Uncle Sam? He'll be 1 years old in a month!
P.S. I don't know if I'm using Pinterest correctly.. lol... I do a search for a keyword...say... 'bedroom inspiration' and I don't get very many search results. Is it only showing me the photos pinned by people I follow? Do I have to expand my Pinterest network to get more results??

Thursday, September 8, 2011

100 years of style in 100 seconds.

100 years of East London style in 100 seconds. Sept 13th 1911 - Sept 13th 2011.

Way overdo for blogging - lots going on right now. Will try to do a recap tonight or tomorrow... cheers!

P.S. Please don't abandon my blog yet from your readers -- I'll get better soon, I promise. :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

How to Focus in the Age of Distraction

In lieu of the fact that I haven't blogged all week...if you find yourself incredibly busy with a million things on your to do list, and on top of that a million distractions, this neato graphic could help out... thinking I need to follow some of those arrows.