Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why do I have to wait until Christmas... be reunited with my boyfriend Leo.

I have been a Baz Luhrmann fan since Strictly Ballroom. And Romeo + Juliet was (and is) one of my favorite movies. I was obsessed with it in high school...and I'm pretty sure that's when I fell in love with DiCaprio.

This movie looks amazing and I cannot wait to see it. Christmas? That seems so very far away!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The South + India = Gorgeous Wedding

This past weekend, we attended a wedding at Harborside East over by Patriot's Point in Mt. Pleasant. It's a lovely little venue with a big patio that has fabulous views of the Charleston harbor and the Ravenel Bridge.

The wedding was for an old friend of mine who was in Computer Engineering with me at Clemson. Just in the past two years, he and his now-wife have started a little donut shop on King St. downtown you may know as Glazed. They make delicious gourmet donuts with different flavors each day. They sell out almost every day, were recently voted Best Bakery in Charleston, and have recently been mentioned in national pubs like the Wall Street Journal. I'm so proud of them! I really admire their entrepreneurial spirit.

They are a really sweet couple and we were so honored to celebrate with them on their wedding day. The most fascinating thing about their wedding (besides the lack of donuts, lol) was that the whole thing was planned in two months. The groom's parents live in China and were only going to be able to travel to Charleston this past weekend -- so instead of panicking, they planned their wedding in record time.

The bride is from the South, and he is from India, so they created a wedding that was the perfect blend of both cultures. For food they had two separate buffets set up - one had Southern-style foods like Low Country Boil, and the other table was Indian food. The bride's mom and her maid of honor wore saris, which I thought was really cool.

"Bangle Up! Party down!" Bangles as gifts as we entered reception.

The bride's dress was fabulous! I was so in love with it - it was so unique. She told me because of the time constraint, she ordered it online and when she got it in, she said it fit perfectly - no tailoring needed. I told her that the dress was MEANT To be her dress.

The lovely couple.

The timing was perfect for sunset views of the bridge - we took a MILLION photos. My husband was so annoyed. :)

Elephants were a big theme at the wedding. Their invites had elephants on them, and beaded Elephant tapestries hung behind the bars and dance floor. How cute is their cake?

In addition to the bangles , we also got these cool decorative elephants as favors...

Here are all the flowers, centerpieces, etc. gathered up at the end of the night. I loved all the bright colors. Still in shock all of this was planned and pulled off in two months time.

Hope everyone is having a good week! Cheers!

Friday, May 11, 2012


Finally going to wear my navy Old Navy maxi dress - pairing it with my new wedges from Ross and my Lilly Pulitzer cardigan and purse. Question: Is it too matchy matchy to have my purse match my cardigan? Lol. This is my fave purse though and I love this I'm OK with sporting a lot of it.

Happy Hour @ Water's Edge

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Random Tuesday Ramblings

So I haven't posted in a week. Sorry. I haven't really been motivated. I'm still fighting the lingerings of a cold and that with staying busy just makes me mentally drained and unmotivated to write anything.

So today's post will be a bunch of randomness.

Last night a few girlfriends and I went to one of our fave wine night events, Wine & Design. However, this time we weren't painting - we were gluing. Wine & Design in Mt. Pleasant tried out a new 'craft' last night. They purchased a ton of old windows from the Habitat for Humanity store. Then we took the colored, clear craft marbles you can get at like Michaels and created a design on our windows. Most of us opted for Palmetto Trees, but others did crabs, fish or other fun 'Charlestony' (yes, that's a word) designs.

It was surprisingly easy and something I think we could definitely do on our own. I really loved the way that mine turned out. They also had other materials we could use like sea shells, sand, glass tiles and beach glass, which I used for my Palmetto Moon. It was hard to get a good picture of it.

I want to try and figure out how to hang this somewhere so it catches sunlight through it. Not sure how I'm going to do it, but I would love the hang this out on our back deck or fence somehow.

The glue we used is super strong and weather resistant.

Wine & Design told us they plan to do this again next month, so keep an eye out if you're interested.

So, if you've been following my blog for a while now, you know how obsessed I am with Old Navy's Rock Star jeggings. Well, I was super excited when they recently came out with Rock Star Jegging capris! I'm the same size (went up lots of sizes as usual) in them as I am in the jeans and they are perfect for work, running errands, catching a movie, etc. As a shorty, I roll up the bottoms about two inches to form a cuff. Super comfy. Hooray.

I was also excited (my wallet, not so much) to find the Rock Star colored jeans in a new minty blue color! I snagged a pair online before they sold out in my size... they will be a nice addition to my pink, purple and green pairs. Yes, I may have a colored jean problem...but they get lots of wear out of them, I promise.... Hmm, I'm thinking my wardrobe may soon resemble Rainbow Row.

Today during lunch I ventured out to find some nice picture frames. I first stopped at Ross For Less thinking they'd have a selection like you could find at Marshalls and TJ Maxx...negative. They had barely any picture frames and they were all crappy. I did, however, walk out with (I paid for them of course) these adorable Nine West pink and straw wedge sandals for only $25! I love them!

So I went next door to Target assuming they'd have some higher end picture frame options. Not really. I ended up getting a few frames at Target that were just ok in my opinion...but I also walked out with a new bandeau bathing suit top and a bathing suit cover up as well. Stupid Target trap! It could have been much worse though. I purposely avoided certain aisles because I knew it could be trouble.

Has anyone tried the One-a-Day Vita Gummies? I recently read about someone taking them and loving them. I definitely need to take a daily multivitamin, but have struggled in the past with the typical One-a-Day capsules. Not only are they enormous and I hate feeling them all the way down my throat and in my stomach - but they always, always made me nauseous....even when I would take them after a big meal. So as a fan of fruit snacks, I thought the gummy vitamins might be a nice alternative to try. I just took my first 'dose' of them about an hour far, no nausea. They do have 10 calories and 3g of sugar...but that's nothing, right?

How is everyone else's week going? I will play catch up and read your blogs tonight...I've been reading now and then when I've had a chance, but have been really bad about leaving comments - as in, not leaving comments. I'll try to not be such a lurker. :)

Happy week everyone!