Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Let the countdown begin....

....10 days. Ahh!

Don't worry...I'm not letting my pending wedding extravaganza distract me from the fact that it's Christmas time! Willow is ready... look how happy he is! :)

And I won't even mention incident that happened Saturday night. This is what Willow thought of the game... my reaction was similar.

P.S. This collar lights up! Lucky dog. :)
And yes I'm a certified crazy lady.... who buys tickets to the ACC Championship game halfway into the football season...for a game that's in a city that's almost 4 hours away... oh yeah...a week before her wedding!?!? This girl.:-/  Here's hoping my Tigers can put up some kind of fight...

Did I mention I was running the Reindeer Run Saturday morning first BEFORE I trek to Charlotte for the game? My best friend and I won 2nd place in the costume contest last year, so we have to try again this year.

Our Reindeer Run Costumes last year -- we lost to a group who were
The 12 Days of Christmas...their costumes were lame. :)

Why do I do this to myself!?!

So...until next time when I'm up at 12:30am and will randomly blog because I can't sleep because of my mile-long to do list... here's a fun holiday photo that's floating around that will make you LOL. Cheers!

Monday, November 7, 2011

I'm still here...and still busy.

Only 33 days until my wedding! Just got back from a weekend trip to Birmingham with the fiance to meet with vendors, have my hair and makeup trial and finalize more plans and details...

I can't wait to share all of the details with you.... but until then I'm running around like a crazy lady - commuting from B'ham and back to Chucktown way too much (7+ hours!). So don't abandon my blog just yet -- I'll be back later in December with lots of fun things to share.

Meanwhile...I'm still finding time to squeeze in some fun... like dressing up for Halloween... :)

Not sure what's going on in this picture - but it's a
better shot of the costume I somehow made in just
an hour before we got ready!