Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas party with the girls...

Last night one of my girlfriends hosted a Christmas party for all of us girls (didn't take any Everyone brought food and wine and it was a great time catching up on gossip and sharing stories about my wedding. We even did a mini gift exchange.

I got a big wine glass that says "It's wine-thirty" on it and a bottle of Chardonnay...yes I stole this gift from someone who opened it because it had my name written all over it! The gift I brought to exchange was an adorable sequined clutch I found at Target and two sparkly, holiday-like nail polishes. I almost stole my own gift, but thought that might be tacky. :)

Anyways, I was assigned to bring desserts and since I now have a nice big kitchen, I got Suzie Homemaker inspired and spent most of Monday night cooking up different Christmas treats. Most I found off of Pinterest and while they all didn't end up looking like the photos from Pinterest, they tasted I still considered them a success.

Santa Hat Brownies
What they should have looked like - I used whip cream and it melted funny by time I got to party, didn't look this good...but still tasted good! I didn't get a picture of mine.

Peppermint Chocolate Cupcakes
These were my favorite of the desserts I made - sooo good. I used the icing recipe from this site below, but for the cupcakes, I just used a chocolate cake mix from Pilsbury.

My version - pepermint icing topped with crushed candy canes and red sprinkles!
Santa Hat Pretzels
I didn't really follow a recipe with these, so that's probably why mine looked nothing like the Pinterest photo, lol. I just slathered melted white chocolate on the pretzel and topped with red sprinkles and half of a mini marshmallow. But these tasted Ahhmazing...everyone loved these.

My version - not quite as pretty... might need to make a Pinterest "Nailed it!" photo.
Chocolate Covered Peanuts
This recipe calls for a crock pot and is super easy...I got this recipe from my sister-in-law who got it from this website. You literally put all the ingredients in your crock pot and let sit for 2 hours or so, then scoop out little clumps and place on wax paper, then stick in the fridge. Yummy!

{Recipe Via}
My version!
I also experimented with my outfit for fun - I bought this gorgeous top from Forever21 about a month ago -- this picture below doesn't do it justice. It's really sparkly along the neckline with gold and bronze sequins. I paired it with my black Old Navy jeggings (yes..jeggings..don't hate!) and an old pair of leopard heels that I have (not the ones in photo below, but close). I added brown beaded bracelets and gold earrings and carried my leopard hobo bag (not the $3000 one in the photo below..but you get the idea). It actually looked pretty good in my opinion - got lots of compliments from the girls... granted, that was probably after a few glasses of wine, but that's ok. :) I love that this outfit looks done up and expensive, but it's all low cost pieces...

Christmas Party with Friends

With all the wedding preparation, we weren't really getting to enjoy the holidays as I'm excited to have more free time and will be sad once Christmas is over. The husband (ahh, still feels weird to say) and I will be doing dinner and James Island Park Festival of Lights tonight. So excited!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Winter Wedding: The Dress

I'm finally settling back into reality after a whirlwind week and the most perfect, amazing, fun wedding ever. It was absolutely perfect but went by incredibly too fast and now I'm still remembering everything in a blur. No matter how many times people tell you as a bride-to-be, "Enjoy it - it goes by very fast", you don't really think it will until... it's Friday and you're sitting at your desk, back at work, staring down at a wedding ring and wondering, "What just happened?!?".

My photographer posted his preview photos today and I've been looking at them over and over. I cannot wait to see more. He is amazing.

So I'm going to try and recap different aspects of the big day with you as I get photos, video, etc.

But because I can't save one of the best things until last... I'm doing it first... my dress.


Amsale Blue Label Dahlia.

The very first dress I tried on... purchased from White on Daniel Island... customized with cap sleeves by owner Jodi.




Hand made skirt.

When I bought this dress at White..when I decided this was 'the one', Jodi shared with me that this dress truly was meant to be my dress. Because just three or so days prior to my appointment (which I had made months in advance), Amsale called Jodi and begged her to do a random Amsale trunk show. They only had four dresses for her to show, but Jodi agreed - she only does 2 to 3 Amsale trunk shows a year..if that.

That Saturday I walk in and have a few pages of dresses I love... and one was the Amsale Dahlia. Jodi saw it and knew - "You're in luck lady, this is one of only four dresses we have from Amsale AND we're doing a trunk show for them today."

So, not only did I get this amazing dress completely by chance, but also for an incredible price - otherwise, I probably could not have gotten this dress because it would have been way, way, way too expensive.

I'll have more pictures of it for you later - but here are the pro's preview photos...

So, without further ado..... My.Dress.

Me, with my Mom and my Matron of Honor (my sister) in the background.
My photographer knew I was a dancer and wanted shots with my pointe shoes. Don't worry,
I didn't wear these all night. I'll have another post later with my 'Something Blue' shoes. :)
I wore my mother's wedding veil.

I also wore (for pics outside) my grandmother's mink stole - it still has her initials
monogrammed inside it. The bridesmaids are behind me - their dresses were GORGEOUS
and I'll have another post on that later.

Also wore pearls given to me by my grandmother when I was young and wore her
emerald ring on my right ring finger. The earrings and bracelet were my wedding
gifts from Bradley. They matched my emerald rings perfectly.

I love this photo. My.Dress. Love.