Monday, June 18, 2012

Trying the Trend: Statement Necklaces

I have been dying to get my very own bauble-ish, giant, briant colored necklace to participate in this latest statement necklace trend.

The problems I've encountered while trying to find such a necklace is that A) they sell out super fast from everywhere (is every necklace on Bauble Bar wait listed? for realz?) and B) they are sometimes super expensive (you know who you are JCrew).

The other day I was perusing Facebook and saw HandPicked post this orange beauty...

They posted "New necklace, just in...only a few available online. Act fast!".

And I did. The necklace was only $18. I also bought it in pink too!

I just went to the HandPicked website to get the link for it, but it's already gone. Maybe there are some still in the stores?

I'm so excited to get my new trendy necklaces and pair them with my summer dresses. And you better believe the orange one will be an essential part of my Clemson wardrobe in the Fall. :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

New favorite wine...

I love, love, love Chardonnay...and I think I found my new fave... Middle Sister.

I bought it simply because of the label - I'm a middle child (psychologists write books about us) and I love that it also says 'smarty pants'. :)

Bonus... it's tastes pretty good too!

Did you ever buy a wine just because it had a random or fun name/label?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Jungle themed baby shower

This past Saturday, my best friend and I threw another one of our friends a baby shower at my house. Jen is due in August with her first...a little boy they are naming Tyler.

She's doing a jungle theme in his nursery, so we carried it over into the shower theme. Everything turned out great! I'll let the photos do the talking...

The finger food spread...
The invitation.
Drinks - wine (went through both whites!), water, sweet tea, and green punch!
Everyone who attended the shower picked a page and signed this book.
Guests were asked to write some advice for the new mommy on a
onesie and pin it to the clothesline above the fireplace.

One of my faves... "Stay off the Internet!"

One of Jen's friends who couldn't make it had this amazing
jungle-themed diaper cake made. So I used it as decor.
I'm not very good at these tissue paper balls. I only made one because
this one was so tricky to make, I didn't even bother with more.

I painted these wooden letters I found at Walmart with tiger stripes
and glued them onto a foam board I painted. Then I added these cute
pre-painted wooded animals. Jen already has the sign up in the nursery.
I also made her a cute blue wreath for her hospital door that was on my front
door for the shower - but I forgot to take a photo of it! Doh!

Playing the belly measurement game.

Prizes for the games - two tin pails with Peanut M&M's and animal crackers.
We also played Baby Bingo while Jen opened up her presents.

About to cut the cake!
My sweet husband left the mommy-to-be a nice note... :-/
We set up favors on the entry-way table for guests to grab as they left.

Double stuffed oreos, dipped in melted white chocolate and decorated with sprinkles. Yum!
The hosts with the mommy-to-be. And yes, I'm wearing a dress to match the theme...don't laugh. :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Killer Kardio

This has been floating around Pinterest this week and I decided to give it a try. Instead of running, I hopped on my elliptical for the 10 minutes running segments. It was a pretty good workout. I did 20 pushups and 20 tricep dips instead of 10. Burpees and Mountain Climbers always make me so winded.....but who would have thought doing high knees for a minute was so freaking hard? Is it just me? I thought that would be easy...that was the only thing I had to stop several times during the minute. Christy high knees FAIL. Don't tell my trainer!

Friday, June 1, 2012

A Lilly Pulitzer Problem

Hello, my name is Christy, and I am a Lillyaholic. (Oooh, that should be a blog title if it isn't already).

If you had told me five years ago how much Lilly Pulitzer 'stuff' I would own, I would have laughed. I had no interest in Lilly then whatsoever.

I don't know what has happened since...the move to Charleston...getting my first Lilly shift at a steal of a price from Rue La La...finding out they have so many cute prints...the fact that their sizes run big, so my size is smaller than in other brands (makes you feel skinnier than you are!)...realizing the quality...loving the fit of the dresses...better income so I can afford it....

...or perhaps just a combination of all of the above...

...but it's safe to say that now I am a full blown Lilly Pulitzer addict. Everytime my mom sees me in a dress, she usually says, "Let me that a new Lilly Pulitzer??"

Even my husband knows all about Lilly now. I swear if I hadn't already bought my (love!) Electra peacock beach cruiser, I swear I would own the stuffed shells Lilly Pulitzer beach cruiser.

My obsession is mainly with the clothes, and I now have a separate clothing rack in my guest room just for my Lilly Pulitzer dresses...which just got this new shift added to the rack. I love, love, love this new print...and I tried to resist it...but I was in Belks and it was right by the Clinique counter, just staring at me...whispering to me that it needed a home (told you I have a problem) looked so sad on the rack...with no one to wear it... so I walked over and thought "well, maybe my size won't be there...I'll just take a look..." And of course my size was there! And only one left. And somehow it popped off the rack and into my arms and to the register and finally to my Lilly Pulitzer rack at home. Sigh.

And today at work, I paused looked around and thought, "OMG...this is embarassing...."

I'm wearing a Lilly Pulitzer dress...Lilly Pulitzer sandals...

...a Lilly Putitzer watch...

Nail polish is 'Watermelon" by Essie.
...And in my Lilly Pulitzer stuffed shells (FAVE pattern) purse, I have five...yes five...Lilly Pulitzer items. From a Kindle cover (made for a Nook, but fits my Kindle!), to a pen, a koozie, a (very dirty) camera case and sunglasses....geez.

All of this was not intentional at just happened, and now I'm that girl that dresses head to toe in Lilly Pulitzer. I'm like a bonafide Charleston Girl now I guess...geez. And it only took three years of me living here.

Some of you reading this are thinking "wow, that's really sad" and others are thinking "that is awesome...Lilly lovers unite!".

At least I acknowledge I have a problem, I mean...the first step is acceptance, right?? Although, I don't have plans to go to the next step just yet. Especially since this gorgeous dress is on my wish list right now...but it's a little bit pricey for me, especially since I splurged on that other dress. So...this will be on the top of my birthday list this year. :)

I am, however, learning to sew and have taken a stab at my first shift with a gorgeous cotton fabric. I'm still finishing it up and it's definitely a 'rough draft'...but I'm hoping that with practice I'll get good enough at sewing that I can just buy great fabrics and make my own Lilly dresses...although I know they will never, ever, ever compare to the real thing.

Any other Lillyaholics out there like me? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?..................