Friday, May 11, 2012


Finally going to wear my navy Old Navy maxi dress - pairing it with my new wedges from Ross and my Lilly Pulitzer cardigan and purse. Question: Is it too matchy matchy to have my purse match my cardigan? Lol. This is my fave purse though and I love this I'm OK with sporting a lot of it.

Happy Hour @ Water's Edge


Jenny said...

Cute, cute cute!!! That blue looks so good on most people!

preppylove said...

I love that Lilly cardigan! Could go with so many things!

PS I'm hosting a preppy giveaway tomorrow so make sure to come by and enter! :)

xoxo Kasey

Elizabeth | The Blush Magnolia said...

Love this outfit! So perfect and springy!

Kate said...

I don't think it's too matchy matchy. You probably won't be wearing the cardigan and holding the bag at the same time for very long. And that print is soo cute!