Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Night Out - Shoe Dilemma

Tonight a few of my fellow Clemson MBA alums are coming in town for a mini-reunion. I'm the only girl, lol. Anyways... we're doing dinner downtown, followed by a night out on the town visiting bars and who knows what else.

So I've pretty much got my outfit planned - I'm wearing this fun ruffled one-shoulder top from that I adore with this fun and flirty skirt from Forever21. Excuse the skirt appearance in the picture - I had to steal it off of a picture from What I Wore's Jessica since the skirt is no longer on Forever21's site. The picture really doesn't do it justice - it has more purple hues in it and the colors really pop!

And I'm pretty sure I'll be carrying my New York & Co metallic silver ruffled purse.
So onto my dilemma - shoes. What shoes should I wear? The shoes in the photo on the left are very close in resemblance to a pair I have from Forever21. The other shoes on the right are from Old Navy. I think I like the Old Navy pair the best since it makes the outfit more summery -- but these shoes start to hurt my feet if I wear them for long periods of time... and I have a feeling we'll be out late tonight.

But should I wear them anyways...maybe pack flops in my purse to put on just in case?

Or should I dress it up with the beige pumps? you have a suggestion for something completely different?



JMB said...

To me, they both look like they are going to you have any cute gold/ any other metallic color gladiator sandal? Lately I have been seeing girls wear cuuuute summer/dress/casual outfits like the CUTE one your wearing and then wearing flat sandals ....BUT if not then I choose the Old Navy DEF and then bring your flat back ups def!
But if you had the gladiators on to begin with then you wouldnt need back up! hahaha

nomo wino daph said...

Pumps but take flops:)

Hope you have an awesome time!


Sunshine and Summertime said...

do the beige pumps. while the summery pair from old navy would also go with the outfit, don't forget the top and skirt are both 'summery'. go with the pumps because they're more comfortable and match a little better with the rest of the outfit. besides, if your bag is silver, silver shoes would be just too matchy-matchy. have fun!

DSS said...

I always vote for strappy sandals in the summer, BUT if they hurt then I would definitely avoid them. Have you any other strappy natural sandals? Jess said..something metallic? I'm loving metallic right now b/c it matches everything!

Kate Spears said...

strappy ones are adorable but don't be miserable for fashion....i also vote for flip flops in the purse! enjoy yourself!

Midwest Prep said...

Love your blog! My best friend currently goes to Clemson and another close friend of mine goes to College of Charleston! And I LOVE the beige pumps.. I have been meaning to get a pair lately! I recently created my own blog, feel free to check it out if you get a chance -- . Thanks!!

Kate said...

It IS Eat, Pray, Love on the floor in my ITPitB photo! You are going to LOVE it - I read it when it came out and want to reread it again before I see the movie! I can't wait for the flick - I hope they do the book justice!