Saturday, July 10, 2010

Let's go fly a kite

Even though I should have been home all day packing for my upcoming move...I went out to one of the local beaches in Charleston today with some friends...Sullivans Island. We opted to go to a new section of the beach that we rarely visit. There was a large sandbar that created a lake-like waterway between us and the ocean. Tons of people were out paddle boarding and kite surfing.

Kite boarding is so fascinating to watch - these people get caught by a gust of wind and fly up 10 feet in the air and drift in the air for what seems like forever. Are these people not afraid of getting dragged out to sea??

You'll never catch me on one of those things...but it was fun to watch while catching some rays - look at all the 'kites' in the air - click the image to see the larger version.

And I feel bad for doing this...but I had to. Spotted on Sullivans today...jorts. Enough said.

Ok...back to packing...sigh. Wish me luck.


Julie Leah said...

I tagged you in a little game today, my dear :)


Charleston Girl said...

Fun! Thank you!! I'm working on it right now...will let you know when it's up!