Friday, July 9, 2010

"Vera" new makeup bag...

While up at Lake Chautauqua, we stopped by a little bookstore/gift shop. I ended up getting the cutest Vera Bradley small makeup bag - and I needed one desperately! I carry my makeup with me everywhere - so I keep it in a small bag in my purse.

I've been using this cheap bag I got in Cozumel for about six years ago - while it's held up, it's so dirty and not the cutest thing to pull out of my purse. So when I stumbled upon this plastic lined (easy to clean!) Vera Bradley, I couldn't resist. Of course I got purple for Clemson. :)



I also snagged these adorable ecojot journals (3 pack) made of recycled paper...I'm already carrying one in my purse and using it for my to do lists.


Pretty Pleased said...

Oh my I love those journals...Also a bit smitten with your city! We blog from Wilmington but trek to Charleston's King St at every opportunity :)
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Janna said...

I need to get a make-up bag like that! Very cute!