Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend Recap

Thursday Night - Group dinner with friends at fave Mt. Pleasant restaurant, Bambu

Friday Night - Dinner and drinks with fellow Clemson MBA alums, didn't get photo of whole outfit (doh!), but you can see the shirt! And I'm not a fan of this photo, I'm sitting at a weird angle.
I wore the sandals and packed silver flops - wore sandals the whole night and feet didn't hurt, yay!

Saturday - Beachin' it at Sullivan's 29th. Love this spot because of the sandbar that appears mid-day.

Saturday - Siiiiiiiigh.

Saturday Night - Dancin' and drinks at fave Sullivan's Island night spot, Off the Hook. Wearing planned outfit from this post - again, didn't get full picture, but you get the idea. And definitely rockin' my sunburn.

Sunday Night - HBO Guilty Pleasure TV and Spaghetti dinner w/ my BF.

This week: Unpack boxes, get back on my workout schedule, be productive at work.


Token Yankee said...

Love your weekend ensembles! Entourage is one of my favorite shows ever. We haven't started watching this season yet, but I can't wait to!

Beth said...

I love sullivan's. We went to the beach there last time I was in charleston, but we left because we were at what I like to call "Kite Surfer's Paradise."

Miss Chelsea said...

You look sooo much like Kate Hudson in that first picture!

Charleston Girl said...

That's so funny Chelsea - I've heard that before. Wish I had her body too! :)

JMB said...

I am LOVING the outfit with you in your cute little fedora!! I wanted one all summer but couldnt find one that looked quite right! But I LOVE that one!

G. said...

Nice hat!