Monday, August 9, 2010

Rue La La made amends

So on Friday I vented about my recent loss of a gorgeous Lily dress from Rue La La due to mysterious circumstances...

And because of my tweets and because of my email, Amy from Rue La La contacted me by Twitter, email, and voice mail to set things right.

She said that something was wrong with the dress, that it didn't meet their quality standards, so they couldn't send it to me. (Part of me wants to ask what was wrong - if it was a small stain, rip, one sleeve longer than the other, etc. - I think I still would have taken the dress!)

They credited my account $20 - which is pretty cool.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who left their condolences and suggestions in the comments on Friday's post - definitely helped with the pain. :)

So while I'm still a little upset over the loss, at least - after some whining on my end - Rue La La made amends.

And Rue La La's loss from what I would have spent on the Lily Peacock dress is Anthropologie's gain - somehow in my backwards, trying to cope, retail therapy induced mind...I felt that I should hurry up and spend what I would have spent on that dress on something else I adore... because I had already committed to the cost of the dress, right? So... it wouldn't hurt to go ahead and spend it on something else, right? And having something new - even if it isn't THE DRESS - would definitely make me feel better, right?? :-/

So I bought this lovely ivory cardigan from Anthro - and I can't wait to get it! It has stellar reviews, and I can see myself wearing this with just about any dress I own, paired with some adorable boots, this Fall.

How was everyone's weekend? I'm hoping for a productive week this week, followed by a lazy, beach bum weekend.

Oh yeah... and happy 08/09/10....does anyone else feel like this year is flying by? I need a pause button please, thank you.


Angela Noelle said...

That sweater is stunning! We have very similar taste in our Anthropologie loves ;) And hooray for your $20 credit. That really makes me think very highly of Rue La La.

JMB said...

That sweater IS stunning!! That STINKS about the Peacock dress....AND YES! This year is flying by! I cannot believe it is almost the middle of August! I am already thinking about Christmas gifts (I buy early!!) AND YES! Post pictures of your new haircut you get on Saturday! Did you say DRAMATIC? Illlll be waiting! hahaha

DSS said...

That is wonderful news!! I dare say companies had better watch out in this day and age, huh? With all of the social media outlets we have to vent through they had bette be on their best behavior :)

Congrats on the great score! That sweater is presh.