Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My new neighbor, mommy duck

Yesterday my boyfriend and I took a two hour bike ride down Rifle Range road in Mt. Pleasant (burbs of Charleston) looking at all the pretty houses.

We got back to my condo and my neighbor was outside fishing with his two little girls in the lake in front of our condo - he said to me, "Hey, did you see the surprise left in front of your front door?"

I was caught off guard a little bit - I've only met my neighbor once before, and I couldn't imagine what in the world he was talking about.

"One of the ducks has made two nests right in front of your condo - with about 20 to 30 eggs in it."

One of his little girls said, "I'll show you!" and promptly walked me over to my front door where we leaned over the railing looking down into my 'front yard'. Sure enough, there were two swirls of pine straw - and the mommy duck was snuggled on top of one of them - eying us cautiously.

I'll have to admit, it was pretty neat and I hope nothing happens to the nests so the babies can hatch and I can possibly watch the moment when they march down to the lake single file.

On the other hand, part of me is wary that her eggs may attract other creatures that have an appetite for eggs. {shutters}

I captured some photos this morning before work (mommy duck was still sitting there - does she stay there until they hatch??) - they aren't very good photos since it was partially shaded and my camera lens kept fogging up because of the heat (gotta love 90+ degree weather at 8:30 AM).

Should I make a little sign that says "Careful - duck nests here, stay off pine straw" to keep any condo maintenance folks, UPS, etc. from walking there? I would be devastated if I came home and the nests were crushed or in disarray because I didn't make a stupid sign... I think I will.

I'd kind of like to give the mommy duck a name - any suggestions?


Beth said...

how sweet. the only furry friends we've ever had at our apt are cockroaches, ants, and once some squirrels made a nest in our walls.

you should name her mother goose. how original am i?

JMB said...

Awwww bless her heart! I hope you get to see the ducklings hatch!! Name her Daphne (that was Daffy Ducks girlfriend!) hahahaha

Miss Chelsea said...

I think she should be Ethel. Why? Don't ask me, it just came to mind haha!

So sweet, I hope that you get to see lil duck babes soon!

Angela Noelle said...

Oh, how sweet!! We have a family of Canadian geese in our pond, and it's been fun watching them grow up over the summer.

I would call her Jemima Puddle-Duck ;)

Katy said...

Daisy was Donald's girlfriend. :-)

There's a pond near the Bi-Lo/West Marine in Mt Pleasant. I keep a loaf of bread with Clay when I visit him at work and go feed all the ducks. It makes me feel like a kid again.

nomo wino daph said...

aweeeeee how sweet....better your place than mine cause I'd probably have to keep them as pets, LOL!

DSS said...

I would definitely make a sign! It couldn't hurt, you know? People may just trapse along and not be paying attention and something sad could end up happening :(

I like the name Margaret. I don't know why...I just think it sounds quite a mother duck would be.

Unknown said...

I think a sign would be a great idea!!! You never know.
The first name that comes to mind for a female duck is Daisy Duck. :)
Keep us updated... I hope you get to see them march down to the lake!
xoxo- Vy

Token Yankee said...

That is pretty cute. I would name her Stella haha.

Ruth said...

How sweet!!! I can't wait to hear how many hatch.

Simple Daisy said... sweet!! I just love ducks:)

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

You got some great name choices! A sign would be good I think.

Sunshine and Summertime said...

I think momma duck looks like a Phoebe to me! Definitely make a sign - that will be cute for sure! A few months ago, we had a little bird family make a nest in the corner of our porch and it was so much fun to watch them hatch and grow and fly away :) Maybe you can be the godgoosemother? Hehe!