Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Great new Anthro sale items!

It's like Christmas when Anthropologie moves new items to their Sale section. I get sucked in every time. Today though, they've got some really adorable new sale items that are definitely worth the price.

I snagged up...
This will be so cute paired with navy shorts and my Old Navy wedges.

I love this dress, especially with my recent nautical obsession. I'm just hoping the horizontal stripes don't make me look more horizontal - especially in the back!

At first glance, I wasn't crazy about this dress - but after reading the reviews and staring at it, I concluded that it's very pretty and very me. Hoping I still think that when I try it on in person.

Hooray for Anthro sales - and I got free shipping because I signed up for the Anthro club through this link off of one of my fave Anthro blogs, Effortless Anthropologie.

Did you score any recent Anthro sale finds?


Jordan Cole said...

I am loving that shirt, I might have to go online and see what I can find!

nomo wino daph said...

ugh I love it all...hate that there isn't one within 4 hrs!!!