Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Palm Tree & Lilly Tuesday

Bottles & Brushes last night was super fun. They have all the little easels, paints, water cups, etc. all set up at each 'station', so all you have to do is show up, throw on an apron, and pay attention.

The 'teacher' stands at the front and paints with you - instructing you on which colors to use, how to mix the colors, and where to paint what. So you paint and sip on the wine you brought.

Here is the teacher's painting - a.k.a. what it was supposed to look like:

And here is my painting, not an exact replica, but I like it nonetheless. It's very much my style and will look great in my beach-themed condo! :) What do you think? Check out my tervis tumbler Clemson wine glass on the left!

So tonight will be Christy Birthday Week celebration #2 - sushi and wine with the girls at Bambu, followed by Eat Pray Love the movie. I can't wait! I'll let you know how it is.

And I bought myself some birthday presents today...

...and I shouldn't even mention this in order not to jinx myself... because we all know I have had horrible luck with Lilly Pulitzer and sales. :(

So..... who participated in the Lilly sale this morning? What a nightmare! Evidently Lilly was not prepared for the onslaught their Web site would get with this sale - their servers were overloaded and no one could make orders or even get the sale to load at times. I was in the mess and it was maddening! A quick glance at the Lilly Pulitzer Facebook page and the wall posts will give you an idea of just how frustrating it was for everyone.

I almost gave up... but that stuffed shells dress I so badly wanted was one of the sale items. So I kept fighting the errors and the "service unavailable" and "your cart is now empty" until I somehow, miraculously managed to purchase three things I wanted -- one of them in a different pattern than I originally wanted, and the other in a size too large.

But... I got the stuffed shells dress! It's the one in the size too large, but I figure I can easily have it altered, right?

The other two dresses I managed to snag...

Now...I'm not holding my breath and I'm not even assuming that I definitely will get these items - even though I've gotten my confirmation email. There is no telling with the mess that was this sale that I for sure will get my items. Besides, I will be less crushed if I get the 'item not available' email or more joyous when the package actually shows up on my doorstep if I just pretend that I dreamed this whole sale and purchase thing.

And work today has been a typical "everyone is getting on my nerves and I can't get anything done" day... I'm just staring at the clock, willing it to be time for me to leave. I've waved the white flag of surrender to actually being productive today.

And it's still raining.

Must think positive... after all, it IS my birthday week. Sigh.


Beth said...

your painting looks great and that painting and wine idea sounds like so much fun! i wonder if they have anything like that in greenville.

Sunshine and Summertime said...

You painting is great!! It will go great with your beachy condo! Hope this Lilly sale works out better for you than RueLaLa! I only had one item go MIA before I checked out. I slept in this morning and let "fate" have her way...It seemed like there were plenty of sizes and styles still available when I placed my order a few hours ago. I posted on the things I got!

L.A.S. said...

AWESOME job on the painting! Andd i LOVE that clemson wine tumbler..where in the world did you find that?!

Julie Leah said...

You WILL get these Lilly items!! I am certain!! They are adorable, you snagged some good pieces!

nomo wino daph said...

OMGosh....yours turned out beautiful!!!

Tiffany and the Munchkins said...

Your painting is great! You did a better job than I would ever be able to do! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you actually get your Lilly items this time. Oh and happy birthday week! Have fun celebrating. :)