Monday, August 9, 2010

Nevermind...spoke too soon!

My post from earlier today must have jinxed myself....

Just got an email (AGAIN) from Rue La La - this time, the Stephanie print dress is 'unavailable' and has been removed from my order.

Are. you. freaking. kidding. me.?

What's the point of even waiting thirty minutes before 11am, watching the clock, and racing like mad to purchase these items that sell out in seconds if a week later I get these emails that my most coveted purchases have suddenly 'become unavailable'.

There are no words Rue La La. Not sure another $20 credit will really fix this now that my two fave items from my Lily purchase have been snatched away from me.


Has this happened to anyone else who purchased is last week's Lily Pulitzer Rue La La sale??? Why does Rue La La insist on punishing me this way? I've spent a LOT of money with them before - this is the payback?



Jordan Cole said...

Wow! I cannot believe that. How unprofessional. I just got an account/membership with Rue La La and I am so glad I have been reading up on this, I will NEVER buy anything You should contact the promotions people from Lily.

Anonymous said...

my lilly mugs came broken in the worst package ever!

this free bird said...

they did this to me once with haute hippie and i've barely recovered. hautelook did the same thing and didn't even have the courtesy to call me or extend a credit. instead they charged me and i waited. for 2 months. only to be devastated.

they're dead to me.

this ain't right.

i'm ready to light a garbage can on fire.

it's monday's fault!!!!


Charleston Girl said...

Lol! Carrie, great comment! I fist pumped in the air as I read your comment... lol. Yeah! Take that Web sites that make us crazy!

Katy said...

That's pretty darn aggravating. I don't even know if it'd be worth it to contact them again. I have a feeling they are going to lose a lot of business after this Lilly fiasco.

DSS said...

Oh geezz....get to tweeting my friend.