Thursday, August 25, 2011

JCrew Ballet Inspired Ad

I never get the JCrew catalog, but for some reason I got it today and it featured dancers from the Mariinsky ballet school in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The photos are beautiful and I love how they paired their white tutus with JCrew cozy, cashmere sweaters.

I always wear old sweaters and shrugs in the winter for ballet I definitely related to these photos and admit it makes me want to buy one. It also makes me wish for cold, winter weather.

I do wish they had wrap sweaters, shrugs, and legwarmers...but I guess that's too "ballet" literal. But I love ballet inspired fashion...then again, I'm biased. :)

Ok, enough of me blabbering...enjoy the photos! All photos copied off of JCrew's website.


Erica said...

What agreat idea for a catalog! But nothing makes me wish it was cold!


LOVE those pics! Makes me wish I was a ballerina!!! But not wish for cold. Nothing makes me wish for cold!