Friday, August 19, 2011

Christy's Closet - Shoes

I have a problem - it's called online shopping, and I do a lot of it. I'm working on curtailing this vice of mine and with overflowing closets, I recently did a massive purge...

I took a huge bin of my gently worn clothes to Uptown Cheapskates - and they took more than half of it and paid me only $76. I can't be too upset with that though because I went in there knowing it would be that bad...but...I still made a little bit of cash, the clothes are off my hands, and the clothes they didn't take went to Goodwill.

I did, however, keep the nice items that I've either only worn once, or never worn at all - i.e. tags still attached (like I said... I have a problem....another post, another time) - to try and sell myself.

I've seen other bloggers sell their items on their blogs and thought I'd give it a try - seriously this stuff is brand new, take advantage of my online shopping habit.

I'm going to do a flat shipping rate of $5 for all items. If you live in Charleston, we can meet up if it's easier and I can just hand them to you if you want to save $5. Just email me and let me know... :)

Today's Category will be Shoes... these are all never worn, like sat in a shoe box in my closet since I bought them.

Orange Wedge sandals from Wet Seal - Size 7
Size 7, Never Worn, Price Tag still attached (originally $26.50)
Selling for $12

Khaki Peep Toe Platform - Size 6.5
Size 6.5, Never Worn, in original box (originally about $30)
Selling for $12

Dark brown, side ruffle knee high boots - Size 7
Size 7, Never Worn (originally about $40)
Selling for $25

Brown almost knee high boots - Size 7
Size 7, Never Worn, Price tag still attached (originally $34.80)
Selling for $20

Khaki sweater boots w/ poms - Size 7
Size 7, Never Worn, Price tag still attached (originally $26.80)
Selling for $12

JCrew navy strap wedges - Size 7*
I bought these in a size 7, but never wore them because they fit more like a narrow size 7 -- so if you have narrow feet or a smaller foot (size 6.5 or less), then these shoes will be perfect for you. Never Worn. I can't remember what I spent on them.
Selling for $25


Francesca said...

I want to come shop in your closet! haha. What are the chances of getting you to hold onto a pair of shoes until I come to Charleston next weekend? Im LOVING the khaki peep toe and the dark brown boots! Let me know if that works for you or if I needa go ahead and buy online

Erica said...

Love both wedges! Wish we wore the same size

megan said...

Dang you, tiny foot!

Lindsay said...

i wish we wore the same size shoes!