Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oops...Rue La La did it again...

So yesterday I finally got my Lilly Pulitzer goodies from last week's Rue La La sale... and like everyone else has been saying in their blogs and on Twitter, "Wow, that was quick shipping!".

I'm going to preface this post by going ahead and telling you that yes, I got a LOT of stuff. I'm also going to tell you that I had a pretty significant Rue La La credit (due to previous returns) that helped me out, so don't go thinking I'm a bazillionairre or anything. :)

I didn't want to blog about what I bought until I had actually received my items because of my Rue La La Lilly Pulitzer sale history - when it comes to Lilly on Rue La La, I have had rotten luck. Last August I almost lost my shiz when items I purchased were all of a sudden 'unavailable'.

Read here, here, and here.

I will say that Rue La La took responsibility and credited my account, and (which I didn't blog about because it happened later) sent me a $50 gift card to Lilly Pulitzer to help ease the pain I was caused. So I appreciated that immensely...and did so with continued purchases from Rue La La... let's just say I have an Order History with them of about two pages (which is probably why they were quick to make amends with me).

But I digress.

So last week I was a buying machine with the Lilly Pulitzer sale - I bought....a lot....and I think mainly because of my previous Lilly Pulitzer sales experience... I think somehow in my head I justified that probably half of the items wouldn't make it to me, so the more I bought, the more chances I would have to end up with more in the end. Here's what I got for myself....
I also bought my best friend Jtay an early birthday present (a bag and dress she really wanted) because she's a Lilly fan like myself and as a teacher, couldn't get on the sale to get anything. I also bought her another dress that she was going to pay me back for.

"Get to the point!", you say.

So I got my items yesterday and like a kid at Christmas I ripped open the box and pulled out each Lilly item one by one.

But something was missing... {insert expletive here}.

Checked the packing slip... it was on there. Checked online - received shipping confirmation email for it, had 'shipped' status on Order History of Rue La La site.

Hmm..maybe I just overlooked it somehow in the box.

Go through box again, even check in cracks of box (for realz). And it wasn't a big box, lol.

{insert another expletive}

Email Rue La La and (seriously) ended message with "Help!" I tend to get overly emotional about these things. You're like "Yeah, we know...we read your blog."

This morning I got a response from Rue La La that went something like this: "We're sorry you didn't receive your item. We've credited back your order and have given you a $10 credit."

IT HAPPENED AGAIN!!! {insert a few more expletives}

The worst part of all about this? It wasn't even my item...but my best friend's dress!!

Worst part was having to email her and let her know... I'm so glad she'll still be getting her b-day gift from me though..but super bummed this dress fell through. I know it's not my fault (Rue La La!), but I still feel really guilty about it... I wish it had been one of my crazy amount of dresses I had bought for myself instead.

The good news is that her and I can share clothes and I have already told her she can wear ANY of my dresses whenever she wants. So... hopefully that will help ease the pain.

Rue La La was very responsive and sympathetic to me on Twitter - the poor girl who runs that account probably sees my tweets and then inserts her own expletives. "Not HER again!"

Maybe Rue La La will make sure not to mess up any of my future Lilly orders and then I'll leave them alone! :)

I'd like to have a chat with the Rue La La employee in shipping who 'forgot' to put that dress in my package -- She's probably wearing the dress right now!! Or his wife is wearing it... I think there needs to be an investigation! I can see the headline now..."Group of Rue La La employees run Lilly Pulitzer black market by stealing items from customers orders, sell dresses on Ebay for twice the price."

The only other item that wasn't in my order was the "Lillie" sunglasses...

...and I'm dying until I get them. I NEED them...and the Twitter Rue La La lady assured me that I would get them, that they ship separately... so you witnessed this. So, fingers crossed, we will see... but until I'm physically holding them, I won't get my hopes up.
I still need to try all my dresses on and make sure they fit - I did the 'hold up to your body' test and I'm pretty sure they will be ok, although I already know I'll have to get most of them {if not all of them} shortened because I've got such short stubby legs.

It's expensive being petite.

So...if you actually made it through this long post, kudos to you. How is your Wednesday going? Let's hope it's better than mine!

P.S. Sorry if "Oops..I did it again.." by Brittany Spears is now stuck in your head thanks to my post title... it's stuck in mine if that's any consolation. :)


Lindsey Leigh said...

awesome goodies you snagged up.... there was nothing on there I could not live without and the things I did like, I either did not think the style would be flattering on me or it did not have my size... :( I really love the bag you got! I love the stuffed shells pattern

Beth said...

you have such bad luck with the Rue. the last thing i got from them didn't fit...i was super bummed.

and i was THIS close to buying that same navy critter clutch.

Glitterista said...

I was so frustrated a few months ago when I ordered a top from Lilly's RLL sale and it came without the belt. I begged and pleaded and said I'm sure someone would return one, and can't you just ship me the belt then? Of course they said no, once they're out they're out and I defeatedly shipped it back (it really didn't look as good with other sashes I tried). Obviously the top came back on the Sunday night Styleathon, but by the time I saw it, there weren't any in my size.

Fingers crossed your sunglasses show up!

Molly said...

that's such a bummer about your things not coming in. how thoughtful to order for your friend though!

i'm on a 'break' from rue la la, gilt groupe, etc. due to some overzealous spending last month. oops!

Holy City Chic | Megan said...

Oh, I tend to go crazy on those sample sale sites. I do NOT do well with impulse buying ....oops!

You got some great things!


Ruth said...

Glad you were able to get the items you wanted. Sorry your friend didn't hers

WhatMissLoves said...

Oh you got one of the dresses that I missed out on. Major jealousy ;)! So glad that you still got so many wonderful purchases!

Unknown said...

I just knew the sunglasses would be missing. Glad they have an answer. They are fabulous. Sorry for your friend, but I hope you got her something fabulous!

Token Yankee said...

Looks like you will be styling this spring/summer!

Brittany said...

Love your new purchases! That's too bad that they can't ever complete your order!

I just found your blog today and now I am your newest follower! I would love for you to check out my blog and follow back! :)

Anonymous said...

I placed an order with RueLaLa, (stupidly) hit the PayPal button and the whole order disappeared. As did my bracelet...NO LONGER AVAILABLE. When I emailed customer service they told me not to place items in the shopping cart and delay paying for them. ???? Not what happened, but whatever. They gave me a $10 credit, but their site is sorely lacking.