Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday

I don't have too much to report to you today for weigh in Wednesday -- unless working out is an entire long holiday weekend of beachin' it, drinking, eating out, going to the movies (World War Z was really good - edge of your seat, unexpected suspense good) and eating salty popcorn -- then yeah, not much to report.

Oh, and we had a redneck party in the mix too. The kind of party where you couldn't figure out if people were dressed up redneck....or if that was just their normal attire.

My 'What the Duck' shirt is F21 circa 2003. And don't worry,
the girl on the far right is not really preggers.
Ok, weigh in Wednesday.... I'll report the mediocre amount of exercise I've done the past week.

Last Wednesday, I did this circuit workout in the gym I found off of Pinterest. Used 50# barbell for the back squats, 40# for upright rows... I didn't have a weighted ball for the 'overhead toss', so I did squats to push press. I don't like Arch Rocks, so I did Supermans instead. Regular burpees for me (no Bosu in the gym). And single leg tuck ups and pogos? Um, no thanks - changed that to Bulgarian one leg squats with the bench, 10# dumbbells in each hand, 10 each leg, and 20 V-up sit ups holding 10# weighted plate.

Then..... a whole week later..... bad Christy.....

I decided after a weekend of unhealthy habits, I needed a tough cardio workout to get back in gear. So today after work I decided to take on this treadmill circuit, but lowered the speeds to more suitable speeds. This girl, me, has some short stubby legs and 8.0 is my max speed on a good day...

I had a whole circuit of ab exercises to do after this, but oh.em.gee I was dying during and after the treadmill workout. Being unhealthy for a few days makes me feel like I haven't worked out in months. I struggled. So only some good stretching after this workout - no abs today.

Bleh. I meet for an hour with my trainer on Friday. I need to get my act together or I will not survive the session!

Why is it so much harder to stay on a consistent workout schedule in the summer? All I want to do is drink a New Belgium Rolle Bolle beer and be lazy.

Hopefully next week I'll have a better 'weigh in' to give you....



Ruth said...

I struggled all of last week with getting back on track with my workouts and eating healthy after the long weekend.

Help Me Write My Assignment said...

I have relatively little to answer to you today for make an appearance Wednesday - except if working out is a whole extended vacation few days of beachin' it, drinking, eating out, going out to see the films (World War Z was great - edge of your seat, unforeseen anticipation great) and eating pungent popcorn - then, at that point better believe it, very little to report.