Friday, July 5, 2013

Team America

I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July. I'm in pain today because of my Fourth of July - as in, too much sun and too much beverages...the kind that give you a headache the next day. :)

We spent the day playing Bocce and laying out on Sullivan's Island. Except for one random down pour at the end of the day (that made a lot of folks leave, so traffic was clear when we left..whoo hoo!), the weather was perfect.

Then we had a quick dinner at Kicken Chicken and headed to Waterfront Park under the bridge to watch the Patriot's Point fireworks.

Had to go in to work today (boo!), but I'm looking forward to the weekend and continuing with the Fourth of July festivities... which includes more beach time and a Redneck theme party... yes, my friends LOVE theme parties. :)

What did you do for the Fourth of July?



Kelly said...

Sounds like a wonderful 4th of July! It was nice to get out of town for vacation, but I secretly wish that we were here in Charleston for my favorite holiday weekend..

Seashells and Southern Belles said...

I felt like that for a few days after the fourth as well :-)

Unknown said...

I am actually moving to South Carolina in September and can't wait! Your blog got me even more excited about my move, I can't wait to call it home! I have been looking at charleston real estate for months now!

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I trust everybody had a great Fourth of July. I'm in torment today in light of my Fourth of July - as in, an excessive amount of sun and a lot of beverages...the kind that give you a migraine the following day.

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