Monday, April 16, 2012

How would you accessorize this outfit?

I'm loving the black and white stripes paired with one of my old tourquoise skirts for an easy throw it on outfit for the weekend - but I have no idea how I should accessorize it.

I came up with three options using things I already own, but not sure what I'm feeling...which one of the three do you think looks best? Or a combination of any of them? Or do you have other ideas for me? I think once I figure out which shoes, the rest will be easy.

How should I style this outfit?


Megan said...

They are all cute, but number 3 is my favorite!

Heather said...

I'd go with shoes and necklace from #2 and bag from #1 :)

Anonymous said...

What Heather said!

New Life said...

it depends on where you are going! For a night out go with 3.

For a day out I'd go with Heather. I just don't think the brown bag fits...maybe a different color.

Ruth said...

I would go with #2

Unknown said...

love all of your picks! Just discovered your blog and I love it! Just started following : ) Hope you get a chance to check out my blog!

xo SideSmile,