Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Miscellaneous Musings

Tonight we have Willow's final training class - his big test. We've been practicing and he can even do commands with just hand signals -- but -- he has to be calm to pay attention. When he's in hyper, excited puppy-mode, it's hard to get him to listen, let alone sit still. Wish us luck tonight! I hope he gets a cute little graduation cap.


I really need to trim down my blog reading list -- but it's so hard.. I keep finding more blogs to follow instead of blogs to not follow. Yesterday alone I think I found four new Charleston blogs to follow - check them out in my right column. And they are all way cooler than me...


And speaking of Charleston - this town is 'small'. Really. I feel like every day I meet someone who I know through some sort of crazy six degrees of separation. And now it's happening in the blog world... I just read on one fellow Charleston girl blog about a guy she hung out with one night last week... who just happens to be the same guy who stood up my best friend for drinks on Friday in didn't even have the you know whats to send her a simple text and say he couldn't go.'s a small world after all.


And speaking of Charleston bloggesses...and all of you bloggesses... I'm constantly amazed by how all of you can keep your blogs updated daily, work full time jobs, wear fabulous outfits EVERY DAY, exercise for at least an hour EVERY DAY, cook amazing meals (and have pictures posted on your blog to prove it) several times a week, paint your nails AND your toe nails a different color every week, go out on the town AND STILL HAVE TIME to reply to all of your blog post comments by email....

I often wonder what the heck is wrong with me... I somehow manage to get home from work at a decent time, do some sort of exercise (almost daily, but never daily), take a shower, eat dinner - which is usually some sort of microwavable meal, and barely get to bed at a decent time.

So really ladies -- HOW DO YOU DO IT?

Reading your blogs makes me think I need to take more time for cooking, going out, enjoying this amazing town that I live in...and not be so caught up in the rat race...sigh...if only it were that easy.

Last month Southern Weddings Magazine put out a call for REAL reader couples - dating, engaged, or married - who live in Charleston for a photo shoot for their next issue. Since my fiance and I are REAL people and are engaged and live in Charleston...surely Southern Weddings Mag would totally pick us. They asked for models though... and headshots. Huh? But surely they want real people to accurately depict love and authenticity... so, maybe I could just send some fun, cute pictures of my fiance and I and surely they would pick us... and add in a cute email that talks about how in love we are, how we're not models, but we're fun, etc. etc. etc.... perfect, right?

I never heard back from them - not even a "We're sorry, but we found someone else" email. Or a "Sorry, we don't take pictures of short 5'3 girls with short, stubby legs and thin hair - we're looking for those beautiful Charleston girls that weigh 90 pounds." Nope, not even that. I got nothing.

And just yesterday they tweeted about the two 'awesome' couples that were 'so fun' for the Charleston photo shoot....

Blah. blah. blah. blah.

Yeah. I'm bitter. Lol.... I don't know why... but I AM! Ha ha... And yes this is dripping with sarcasm, so try not to take me too seriously.

Have you ever applied for something like that and were convinced you'd get picked - even as unrealistic as it was -and then when you didn't, were really bitter about it?

Yeah, yeah.. I'll get over it. But let me stew just a little.


And can someone please explain to me why it's so crazy hot this week in Charleston? It's only May and it's already this hot!?!?! :(

Taken in my car on my way to grab lunch today - if you can't tell, it says 100 degrees F. Yup...100!

-----------------------------------------'s official! My bachelorette will be in Vegas! Alright ladies -- all of you that have any kind of Vegas connections, it's time to help your 'ol blogger friend out here. :)

One of my best friends and I in Vegas last year for her 30th


Ok...enough out of me. How is your week going? Who's ready for the four day weekend -- ME!!


Kerr said...

I just got back from lunch and it is SO hot out there! we are in trouble if its already this hot and only may.

I am so excited for the holiday weekend!

Kerr said...

and I just noticed, is that Savannah in the picture with you? I am friends with Stark! Talk about small world.......

Mary Loyal said...

thanks for listing me under the charleston blogs you love!! i am so glad i found yours! best of luck with all your wedding plans - i can't believe i am in the final stretch, i am pinching myself... 3 days to go!!

jeny said...

OMG...I totally, TOTALLY relate to your comments on how do you do it. For me its one or the other. Either I am going to be cute/well-dress OR write a blog post. Either I am going to cook a great dinner OR exercise. I am not sure how people do it. I wouldn't feel so one has it all together. PLUS you are planning a wedding. If that isn't stressful I don't know what is! I just celebrated 1 year and I still panic about the planning. Hugs for a better tomorrow. Also...delete that stupid mag off your twitter feed ;)

Ruth said...

It does amaze me how some bloggers do it all. I schedule a lot over the weekend to post during the week.
I hate they did not pick y'all. But they could have least responded