Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Recap

This Easter was a very special one for our family...

My niece was baptized during the Easter service on Sunday. She wore a dress my mom's friend had handmade out of my mother's wedding dress. The bonnet was the best part! This dress will now be worn by every grandchild, great grandchild, etc. in our family when they are baptized.

My mom and my grandfather on her wedding day.

My niece was over all the, poor thing... but here she is in the dress and bonnet made from my mom's wedding dress. It was beautiful. I wish I had a better picture so you could see the detail.

The same friend who made the dress had also recently returned from a trip to Israel. She brought back for my mom a thing of water from the River Jordan where Jesus was baptized. My mom had our minister add a little of the water into the baptism water. So my niece was baptized with that water... very cool.

Afterward we celebrated with a big lunch with family and friends at our neighborhood country club. Then it was back to our house for Easter pictures in the backyard. My fiance and I were stuffed from lunch, packed up the puppy and made the long 7+ hour trek back to Charleston...and on top of that we lost an hour from changing time zones... We didn't get home until midnight.

Blurry photo of me and my niece - stupid camera. I look like I'm squeezing the heck out of her.

Me and my fiance.

In other news... our engagement photos are this coming weekend. We're doing a vintage shoot in downtown Charleston and then a normal shoot on the beach on Sullivan's Island. I'm looking forward to them, but I'm also nervous because I'm hoping for good weather, a good hair day, good makeup day, a skinny day, etc. etc. etc. Again, I would love any tips on how to make the day the best it can be... :)

Here's to another great week! Cheers!


Miss Sweet Tea said...

How sweet! That is so awesome that her dress was made from your mom's wedding dress! What a special day for your family :)

megan said...

That is so special that her dress was made from your mom's wedding dress! Speaking of dresses, love your Easter dress!

Ruth said...

A great Easter sunday. I was christened on Easter sunday with water frm the River Jordan too. I wore my grandfather's gown.


That is so cool about the baptism gown and didn't she just look so precious! Good luck with the engagement pics, I am sure they will turn out great. Check out my blog for an adorable giveaway!

Miss Chelsea said...

What a neat story about the dress! And speaking of dress, love yours =) I don't have any tips but I hope your picture session goes great!! (I'm sure it will!)

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

Wow, I am so impressed, what a special idea for a christening gown! Just found your blog and really like it, please stop by mine!