Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What to wear: New Years 2011 - Option 1

Let's not even mention the fact that A) we have yet to make plans for New Years Eve this year and B) this dress is on its way and I have no idea if it will fit {fingers crossed}.

And... I don't actually have the jewelry or the clutch...but I have very similar pieces I'd pair with this dress.

Makeup: Smokey eyes (thinking of getting appointment at MAC makeup counter) and tossled, somewhat curled, "bed head" hair...I'll need to do a few trial runs.

If you're a Charleston resident...what is the top place for New Years this year?? We're thinking of either doing the party at the Hippodrome downtown or the Aquarium party...we've done the Shriner's party at Patriot's Point, Club Trio, and Red's in the past...all of these gave us a "meh" reaction, meaning they were just OK...nothing we want to really repeat.

I'm not a big fan of paying like $100 or so dollars for an 'open bar' party - I've done them before and I always feel like I never drink nearly enough to make back my money and the food is never all that great either. However, I have heard that the party at the Aquarium is fun and worth the money...so we'll see.

I'd be content with a house party with friends...but I've got too many single friends who want to "meet people" and mingle... so I guess boring old, not single me will have to suck it up and hit the parties. :)

What are you doing for New Years this year??


this free bird said...

I have no idea what we're doing for New Year's, but I would love to be wearing that sequined dress. It's sad that so many functions are over priced and don't deliver...however it is NYE and sometimes it's nice just to get out and whoop it up a little.

Or stay home and prance around in sequins with the friends :)


Simple Daisy said...

Ooh la la...love that outfit!!
New Year's Eve happens to be my bithday...so we do usually end up doing something fun!!!!!! plus it's nice to get all dolled up and go out on the town....in a cab of course:)

Ashley said...

i'm spending NYE in charleston this year too...otherwise i might "steal your style!" good luck finding a fun party....we're on the hunt too!

megan said...

Lovvve the dress! I feel the same way about NYE now - I'd rather save the money and go to a friends house. I did the whole downtown thing for a while and felt the same way - "meh." I do know that the Charleston Marriott on Lockwood is having a big party with 3 bands. Quiana Parler is playing at the Aquarium and she is amazing!

JMB said...

I love that dress! I have seen it before!! We don't have any plans either. We talked about going down to Nashville or going to WV and skiing but I am not into paying the $50-60 cover charge either!! I am cheap! haha

Beth said...

love the outfit! i'm still looking for mine. i had a "wishlist" going on F21.com for NYE and Santa found it and snatched some of the items up. I will be going to Nashville with 3 single gal pals for NYE too...2 blondes, 1 brunette, 1 redhead...SATC?

Virginia Belle said...

That dress is fabulous! I can't wait to see picture of the real thing when you put it all together. We don't have big plans yet but I'm leaning towards taking the $100 we usually spend on open bars and picking a really nice restaurant in downtown DC as a place eat and drink the night away :)

Carly Messmer said...

My roommates and I were just talking about New Year's last night. We figured we have two options, either the all-inclusive, or pay-as-you-go. I've never done an all you can drink in Chs on NYE. We went to Trio a couple years ago and it was fun, only $10 cover!

The Marriott and Hippodrome parties are on our potentials on our list. Hah, I always feel like there's too much hype on NYE, hopefully it's fun!

Love the dress!

nomo wino daph said...

You will be looking HAWT!


Jen said...

A sparkly dress and black heels? You definately got that right!! Perfect attire for the holidays!

Ruth said...

You will look great.
I have to admit I don't ever really get into celebrating New Year's.

Anonymous said...

The Platinum Ball will def be the party of the year...Spaced Invaders just jumped on board to do video dj'ing and almost all 20 VIP tables have been sold out. Def worth $75 for the Vegas/Miami style club on NYE...www.chs365.com