Thursday, September 30, 2010

Goodbye September

So after my emotional breakdown Monday night in which I was afterward on Tuesday told by my mother that I'm such a perfectionist to my detriment and she certainly didn't raise me that way and I was being way over emotional and needed to "get over it girl" or I would never last the next year. And she'll love that this is in writing, but she's right. So I got over it... and.... BOOKED MY PHOTOGRAPHER!! :) The one I wanted - he's AMAZING. I will sacrifice in other areas if I have to...

I will be using G Studio from Birmingham for my wedding photography! {insert cheers and applause and twirls around the room}

Some of my favorites from his site are below. Ok, I just saved almost 20 and was going for I had to cut it down. So...visit his site to see even more amazing photos. They look like paintings - I love them.

Oh...and I've noticed his watermark isn't on any of these photos, but here's my giant credit: all of the photos below in this post are from G Studio photography - don't you dare ruin my brand new relationship with my wedding photographer by stealing these photos and posting them elsewhere without credit! {insert stern face and wagging finger}

P.S. Thank you to all of you who posted such sweet and amazing comments on my last post - they definitely cheered me up and made me feel less like I was alone in the "wedding stupid" conundrum.

P.P.S. Thank you to those of you who recommended photographers in Charleston for my engagement photos - I actually really love one of them and will probably be contacting them soon for pricing. Another actually just photographed my ex-boyfriend's wedding - lol - and while we're friends now, I am just not sure I want to use the same photog for my engagement session. I'm just weird like that. :)

P.P.P.S. Do I need a blog signature? I'm pretty sure you know I'm writing my own posts..but I think some of y'alls' blog signatures are so cute, so I feel like maybe I need one. Thoughts? Talk amongst yourselves.


Unknown said...

What great pictures!!! :) I already love his work! :)
Your wedding day will be wonderful!!! I'm at the final stages of my wedding planning, and I can tell you from experience as a wedding planner and also in planning my own wedding, that I've had those breakdown lows and also some amazing happy highs! We all go through those, you are not alone. The most important thing to remember is that it is yours and your husband to be's day. You can be a perfectionist (like me) and want each and every detail to be perfect, but who will know it's not perfect? No one. And most people never remember the small details of your wedding, so don't stress over the small stuff.
Don't forget to take deep breaths.
Don't forget to take some time for you.
xoxo- Vy
PS. If you need any advice or want to just vent, brainstorm, or anything at all, I'm here! :)

Janna said...

What an amazing photographer! That's great!

And I've had a few of the same meltdowns because I want our wedding to be absolutely perfect and the details are important to me as well. I'm still 5 months out from our big day and know there may be a few more lows but in the end it'll all come together as it is supposed to!

Token Yankee said...

The pictures are amazing, I agree that's one thing you def want to spend money on during a wedding. I still check out the photographer that I wished I booked blog.

JMB said...

THATTA girl!!
Those pictures are amazing!
I think you made the right choice! Your momma sounds like a WISE woman and alot like mine :) haha Glad you're feeling better!!

DSS said...

WOW. That photographer (and potentially not having him) was worth a break down. I mean...HE is worth getting that worked up about :) Absolutely gorgeous photos! If I had photos like these I would look at them all of the time. And order bunches to frame. And it would be so worth it.