Friday, September 17, 2010

Go Tigers...the Clemson ones!

Getting ready to make the long trek back to my home state for the Clemson vs. Auburn game. It will probably be a mini-high school reunion for me since half of my high school went to Auburn (the other half Univ. of Alabama).

I really hope we (Clemson) can pull this win off... I think regardless it's going to be a really exciting and close game... I'm so glad I've got tickets and I'm sure it will be worth the 12+ hours of driving to get there and back.

ESPN Game Day will be there - so there's a ton of hype built up around the game...

Auburn's colors are navy and orange. Clemson's colors are purple and orange. Auburn is having a 'Blue Out'. And I have a feeling most Clemson fans will be wearing purple more so than usual - including me.

This is what I'm wearing tomorrow - I actually have this dress (got on sale from Rue La La) and the flip flops. The rest is the best I could find to mimic what I'll be wearing.

Go (CLEMSON) Tigers!! :)


Holly said...

AH! I'm so excited for this game - ESPN is all over campus. We should meet up this weekend!

megan said...

Sorry, gonna have to disagree with you on this one :)

I will agree that it's going to be a very exciting game!! Have fun!

Beth said...

even though you'll be in orange and purple that's a pretty cute outfit you've got picked out.

have fun!

go tigers (the auburn ones) ;)

nomo wino daph said...


I hope either your tigers win or mine, LOL!

Hope your weekend is awesome:)

DSS said...

My daddy was a Tiger! We will be rooting for you guys this weekend. Presh outfit :)

Token Yankee said...

Love the outfit, have fun! The hubby and I do agree how much ESPN sweats the SEC. Let's prove 'em wrong!

Ruth said...

I hope you had fun at the game. It was a tight game. Glad I made it back to the grandmother's in time to watch it.

Kelly said...

Love the outfit! I am a SC Gamecock fan though. Hopefully we can still be friends... lol. I'm a new follower.