Monday, June 24, 2013

I'm baaaaack.... maybe.

Hello blog readers....


...yes, I anyone still here reading this? Maybe...maybe not.

I've struggled the past year keeping this little blog updated. I have many excuses - work, life, motivation - but I won't bore you with them.

I have though.....for now....become inspired to try and regularly post again. I don't blame you if you are thinking to yourself right now, "Yeah will post one or two times this week and then be gone again for six months." And could be right.

But I'm going to 'try' - try being the keyword. Why have I been inspired out of the blue to try?

Two weekends ago, I was invited to a Blate. Blate = bloggers + date.

Kate from one of my favorite blogs Nautical By Nature contacted me about a Charleston blogger brunch. She was in town helping her sister move here and wanted to meet some local bloggers. As a big fan of her blog, I said 'Yes!'.

So I was fortunate enough to meet and get to know Kate, Heather of Sweat Tea Monograms, and Kelly of Honor, Courage, Commitment. We had brunch at Acme Lowcountry Cantina on Isle of Palms.

L to R: Kelly, Me, Heather, Kate
These ladies were super sweet and so friendly, and I'm ashamed that it took someone from across the country to actually organize some of us to meet up. Charleston bloggesses, we need to make this more of a regular thing.

So these ladies inspired me to try and start up this blog again - so we will see how it goes. I didn't think that my life was really that interesting to share...but after this weekend...

Hmm...these are just from wine club. A camera with a timer and lots of wine - an interesting (and hilarious) combination. Maybe I do have something to blog about after all...




Kelly said...

Yay, welcome back!! Brunch was so fun, let's try and plan something else again soon!

Kate said...

I really really hope you will start blogging again! I had so much fun at our brunch and hope to visit soon!

I'maNolaGirl said...

Yay! You're back! I have had this exact same issue so many times over the past year. All I can say is, I'm just trying to post when inspired so that if nothing else, my blog is still genuine.