Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Mother's Wedding Dress

This week, both Megan and Megan Charleston bloggesses (yup, two Megans!) posted about trying on their mom's wedding dresses and were both contemplating on how to use the dress in their weddings. I felt like joining the party (even though my name isn't Megan) and decided to post my "trying on my mom's dress" photo and share with you how her dress was a special part of my wedding day.

Here is my mom's dress in all of it's 1975 glory...this is her and my grandfather before she walked down the aisle.

Here's her and my Dad... Ruffle tuxes and big bow ties were the trend at the time apparently. :)

I have been in love with my mom's dress since I can remember, and I always said I would wear her dress on my wedding day. Yet, as I got older, I knew I wouldn't be able to because I'm taller (and wider) than my mom was on her wedding day. No amount of alterations would get that dress to fit me. She was all of 5' and weighed barely 100 pounds on her wedding day. Me? Not so much.

The Thanksgiving after I got engaged, my mom pulled out her sealed dress box and we opened it. And here I am, in all my glory, trying on her dress - definitely not zipped in the back.

So, since the dress was not going to work as my wedding dress, I decided to wear my mom's veil on my wedding. However, it had a cap like crown that didn't quite match the wedding dress I ended up choosing. So we took the cathedral length bottom layer off and Jodi, owner of White where I got my dress, sewed it on a comb for me for free!

I wore the top half with the lace crown for my rehearsal, which was fun.

Then the cathedral veil was my veil on my wedding day and it was gorgeous! I almost didn't take it off for my reception, but it would have made dancing (especially our first dance) very difficult.

The rest of my mom's dress was recreated into special elements on my big day.

My mom's friend, who is an amazing seamstress, made our ring bearer's pillow out of the dress, a cover for the flower girl's bell, and the lace cuff (complete with buttons!) for my bouquet!

The rest of the dress was then made into a beautiful christening gown for my niece's baptism. The dress will be passed along to each of my mom's grandchildren for their baptisms. I think this is so special!

Even though I didn't get to wear her dress, I'm glad we were able to include her dress in different ways in my wedding.

Did you wear your mother's wedding dress and/or veil on your wedding day? Did you incorporate her dress in your wedding?

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Andrea said...

What fun pictures and you were able to incorporate your Mom's dress in so many beautiful ways! Your veil was amazing and that christening dress is gorgeous! You also picked a beautiful gown!

Holy City Chic | Megan said...

Your mom's dress is gorgeous!! I'm so glad you wrote this post. Love the ways you incorporated her dress into your wedding & your future children's baptisms!

Jenny said...

Ooohh girl, every time I see your dress and wedding I fall more in love :0)

P.S. I just saw your blog comment and LETS get together for some workout time! I need to peel my lazy ass OUT of this house and start LIVING in this city instead of just sleeping in it.

I have yet to walk/jog over the bridge and haven't jogged in AGES, but I'd love to sometime!!

Megan said...

You were absolutely beautiful in your wedding dress and I love how you incorporated your mom's dress into so many different things. Your veil was stunning!

P.S. If you and Jenny get together for some workout time, let me know! I need some workout buddies!

megan said...

Love that you posted your pic in your mom's wedding dress, too! Long sleeves were so "in" back then! Great ideas on how to incorporate your mom's dress in the wedding without actually wearing it!

Kelly said...

Is your dress Amsale??? I loveeee it! :)

KB said...

I did the same thing with my mother's veil, took off the cap and attached the long lace trimemd part to a comb- it meant so much! And, my poor dad sported an all white tux and white Chevy Chase shoes, faaaaancy

Janna said...

We ended up taking some of the lace from my mom's dress and used it on my bouquet as handle wrap and then also added some to her bouquet- I had the mom's carry smaller versions of the girl's bouquets.

Ruth said...

I have never thought one day I could wear my mother's gown (which was my grandmother's too) because I have the opposite issue I am so much shorter and smaller than them. I love the idea of the veil.