Thursday, March 8, 2012

10 minute ab circuit

I recently bought the Gymboss interval timer. It was only $20 and I heard about it from

I got mine in orange of course!
I am obsessed with this website and lurk sometimes to watch the workouts. I'm not sure I'm quite ready to take it on, but it's an interesting 'workouts at home' concept and the people doing the videos are mega-ripped.

Until then, I wanted the interval timer so I could set up my own interval workouts. Yesterday I decided to try it out for the first time.

I'm getting over a cold, so I didn't want to do anything crazy - so I hopped on my elliptical for a good 50 min session (while watching Downton Abbey!) I alternate resistance, incline and I hold 2 lb weights in each hand while on the elliptical for most of the workout. I love the elliptical because it forces me to run properly...i.e. not on my toes.

Afterwards I put the battery in my handy dandy new interval timer and set it to 1 minute intervals with 20 second intervals in between, 10 times. I wrote down on a piece a paper 10 different ab/core exercises.

When I started the timer, I'd do the exercise I'd written down for that minute for the full minute until BEEP... rest and reposition for next exercise in 20 seconds then ab exercise for a full minute and then BEEP...

You get the idea...It was a good mini ab session to do after my cardio. I didn't feel as challenged, so I might shorten the rest time or repeat the whole thing. But considering I can barely breath out of my nose, this was a good starting point. P.S. Why do side planks hurt so bad?? They are my weakness.

Do you workout at home often? What do you do? Do you every make up your own random workouts?


Sarah Hope said...

You are so right... side planks are the worst. However, that timer looks like a fantastic idea! I think I could get motivated to workout at home if I had that around.

Elizabeth | The Blush Magnolia said...

I need to try this on days when the weather is bad! I never want to walk to the gym when its freezing cold or rainy outside!

megan said...

I am definitely saving this! There are just times when I don't feel like driving to the gym for a 30 minute abs class.

JMB said...

Seeesssy, I am sooo out of shape and need you to kick my HIND end hahaha SERIOUSLY!! I am just now getting caught up on blog reading!! Planks seem to be a good core workout

And I digital high five you back, btw! NICE SOUTHERN GIRL POWER, HOLLA hahaha xoxo