Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Monday, Monday

Things that made me 'blah' today...
  1. People who don't use their blinkers when driving - ok, this is a lifetime annoyance, but seemed to notice it more today
  2. The random cold that has snuck up on me today for no reason {cough, sniffle, cough}
  3. That it hasn't rained in like two weeks and it's still sooo hot -- fingers crossed it rains later this week
  4. My puppy Willow wanting to go outside every five minutes - not to pee or poop - but to eat sticks and pinecones
  5. The fact that I can never get to bed before 11pm...ok, who am I kidding, before midnight.
  6. Wedding vendors not being cooperative, not doing their job, trying to add on ridiculous extra charges, etc. I'm looking at you Mr. hotel and Ms. reception hall!
  7. The fact that wedding vendor stress (see #6) made me have a mini 30 sec. cry session
  8. Work and work stuff.
  9. A shrinking bank account.
  10. It's only Monday.
Things that made me happy today...
  1. Bridesmaid appointment at Bella Bridesmaid downtown with best friend Jtay, and I think we've found the dresses!
  2. Large tumbler glasses that fit a LOT of coffee in them to keep me motivated through a blah Monday
  3. The fact that I now drink coffee (officially a coffee drinker for a full week - lol!)
  4. Gloria Akalitus on tonight's Nurse Jackie episode did the blowing in the raisin box to make a whistle trick -- I used to do this ALL the time when I was little. I forgot about it until tonight.
  5. Daniel Island Hip Hop classes on Monday nights that take my mind off stress for 2 hours -- because I'm focusing so hard on learning the dances and trying to keep up...but also getting a killer workout
  6. My puppy Willow - he can drive me crazy, but one snuggle and kiss from him makes me fall in love all over again
  7. Unexpected friendships -- found out today that someone I wouldn't expect to had booked her flight to Vegas for my bachelorette
  8. Packages on my doorstep when I get home from work with goodies from RueLaLa
  9. An awesome fiance who not only takes over dog duty for the night, but also takes the Netflix movie back so I don't have to take the extra trip to Publix
  10. Remembering this past weekend and knowing that we have another weekend coming up in Charleston with another Happy Hour and another beach day...#10 will get me through this week alone...{sigh}
Photos from the weekend...
Happy Hour on dock of Shem Creek Bar and Grill. This looks like a painting to me.
Gorgeous sunset views.
Plenty of shade and a breeze - how have we not come here before!?!
Very cool picture ruined by guitar man's ashtray and cigarette...but still
cool picture. Would love to take kayak tour on Shem Creek sometime.
Guy with guitar - great live music.
Bathroom stall sign in Shem Creek Bar & Grill. Hilarious.
Dinner at new Triangle bar in Mt. Pleasant - everything in there is recycled.
Part of the menu - had the Popcorn app (definitely recommend!) and
Pimento Cheese burger with sweet potato fries. Delish!


The Pink Owl said...

Ahh, the pictures made me miss Shem Creek Bar and Grill! My boyfriend was a police officer in Charleston for two years and we hung out there a lot. I can't wait to visit again, next month. Hope you have a great day (and that people use their turn signals) :)

Living the Long Life... said...

Your post made me smile! The two places I love to go for brunch! Big Al at Shem Creek in the back screened in bar makes the best drinks there! Thanks for sharing those pictures! It made me feel at home!

Francesca said...

Keep on smiling! Happy Hour and those gorgeous pics of Charleston have got to keep you motivated to get through the week! Can't wait to be back in Charleston to enjoy a happy hour myself (trying to decide if I should come back this weekend). Vegas for the bach party-VERY NICE! Have a great week :)

I'maNolaGirl said...

I love Shem Creek Bar and Restaurant! How lucky that you got to have such a great weekend. I hope your Tuesday is looking brighter!

Christina said...

it's impossible for me to get to bed before midnight too! hope your cold gets better! i'm excited about the new triangle and need to go soon.

Tara said...

oh so jealous that you're going to Vegas for your bachelorette party! I really wanted to do that last year before my wedding, as I was going for work anyway, but no one could really afford the plane tickets. I tell ya, it shouldn't cost $400-500 to fly out there!

L.A.S. said...

people leaving their turn signals on when they clearly aren't turning or switching lanes is my all time number one pet peeve..AH! On another note, for my friend's wedding we got our bridesmaids dresses at Bella Bridesmaid and they were darling! good luck shopping for them :)

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