Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2 miles in 5 inch stilettos

Happy 2011! I've had fun catching up on everyone's blogs today and seeing all of you're New Year's Eve photos...

I ended up wearing NYE outfit option 2 - opting for comfort with the shorts. The outfit worked out pretty well, except I paired it with this rhinestone belt that was cute at first...but wouldn't stay in place, sometimes sagging and making me look like I had a gut, and the rhinestones either fell out or caught on my jacket. So next time I think I'll pass on the belt...

My friends and I went to a 'all you can drink and eat' party at a local bar, Red's Ice House, located on Shem Creek in Mt. Pleasant. It actually ended up being a decent party with several bands and an amazing seafood dinner buffet which was delicious.

Only complaints I had was they wouldn't let the band play until the Univ. of South Carolina bowl game was over...even though they didn't have the volume up on the TVs. Huh? So it wasn't until after 10pm that the band outside started playing.

They also had a pretty big fireworks show right above the building - which would have been fun if you could actually look up and watch it... sparks and ash and pieces of the fireworks were raining down on the party...seriously. We were all taking cover under the tents they had set up and the buildings. I'm thinking they'll reconsider the fireworks idea next year...

All in all it was a good time...I had a lot of vodkas with a splash of Red Bull... which of course were supposed to be Red Bull & Vodka, but the bartenders were essentially pouring the glasses full of vodka and then giving a very tiny pour - I wouldn't even call it a pour - of vodka. Hence why most of us in our group have very foggy memories after midnight.

In fact, most of us (probably because we're old and we rarely drink liquor) were 'peacing out' and going home around 1am.

New Year's Tip We Never Seem To Learn: Call a cab early in the night and go ahead and schedule your pickup.


Every year on NYE this happens... we leave the bar (doesn't matter how late) and all the cab companies' phone lines are busy, and all the cabs showing up are there to pick up the smart people who scheduled pick ups.

My fiance and I tried relentlessly to get a ride...calling almost every cab company we could. We even called some friends with no luck...

Well...what do two liquor-buzzed, intelligent humans do? Walk home. Yup...walk home. Two miles to be exact - which at the time felt like 10 miles!

It wouldn't have been so bad if A) we were sober, B) it wasn't almost 2am in the morning and C) if I hadn't worn my 5 inch heels the entire way.
In hindsight I think it was probably better I was buzzed because that numbed the pain I surely was feeling (which I felt Saturday morning) from walking two miles in heels. And I think I had liquor strength, because I don't think I could have (or would have) done that walk if I was making wise decisions.

So Saturday morning was a fun one...waking up to two very blistered and sore feet, feeling like I had been hit by a truck.

But at least there's some positives from this... A) we didn't drink and drive, B) we burned off the buffet dinner we gorged on at the party, and C) we saved money by not taking a cab. Ha...we get the last laugh! Um... not really. {sigh}

Despite the fun festivities of Friday night, a bunch of us got up and went out to Sullivans Island for the annual Polar Plunge organized by Dunleavy's Pub to benefit the Special Olympics - this involves thousands of locals coming out dressed in all sorts of crazy costumes and at 2pm sharp, running straight into the {freezing} Atlantic Ocean.

Here's a video from some group called 'The Positive World' that will give you an idea of what it was like.

My best friend and I wore these glitter dance dresses we had worn previously for a 5k race (Beachathon) and my fiance and his roommate wore speedos... yeah...they are so mature for their age. :) I'll spare you any of those pictures... I don't want you to unfollow my blog. Lol... But we all ran into the ocean, dunked ourselves, and came running out - screaming and freezing!

In case you're wondering...yes, that is a shake-weight in my fiance's hand.

It was packed with people though - the biggest turnout they've ever had supposedly. If I had felt better, it would have been fun to stay at Sullivans and hang out all day... I'm almost considering taking it easy on NYE next year so I can partake in the festivities on Sullivans Island the next day.

The rest of the weekend was busy with me in pajamas, hibernating on my couch, watching movies and being mindless - much needed.

Now it's already full swing in 2011... I'm very excited about this year since so many great things are planned... two week trip to Europe with fiance, adopting a puppy {My Christmas gift from my fiance...YAY!! Stay tuned...}, buying a house with fiance in Charleston, turning 30 {wait, is this a good thing?}, and getting married to the LOVE of my life!!

Phew... New Year's resolutions be damned...who has time for them?

Here's a virtual toast to you and best wishes for us all in 2011! {clink}


Carly Messmer said...

2 miles - yikes! We were really worried about taxis too. But luckily left the bar (we went to California Dreaming) early enough that it wasn't much of a problem. I was scared we'd end up walking over the connector!

It looks like you were a champ and you all had a lot of fun. Happy New Year!

BJJ said...

Oh my gosh! I love Red's. Me and Clay (the Charleston/Myrtle Beach boyfriend) have an adorable photoshoot on the patio at Red's. Shem Creek is one of my fav little spots in Chucktown!


Beth said...

sounds like a fun NYE...cute outfit. but bless your heart having to walk in those heels. but also good for you no drinking and driving. :)

Ashley said...

whoa! congrats on that hike! i ended up at the rooftop of the vendue in chuck. we had a lot of fun too. and oddly enough, i had the same problem with a rhinestone belt! ha! happy new lady!

Lifes-A-Blog... said...

bless your heart for hikin in Charleston at 2 am! but your outfit was cute, and i cant wait until i can go to a good Charleston NYE party, i heard all the Wild Wings parties were good! :)

Cambron said...

I was out on SI during the Polar Bear Plunge too! We really just went out for a New Years Day beach stroll when we didn't follow our intuition to turn around and got stuck in MAJOR traffic. While the traffic line was terrible to get off the island, the costumes were entertaining and the sweet smell of salt and sand cleansed my soul. We will definitely have to plan a gathering the next time I am in Charleston.

P.S! Cute shoes-hope your tootsie-toes are healing, or should I say heeling...well!!!!

JMB said...

Oh my gosh girlfriend you walked 2 MILES in THOSE HEELS!!! WOW haha You are ALL WOMAN :)
I bet your feet were killing you! I love your outfit as well! Note-to-self cabbies will be slammed on NYE hahahaha :) And I mean NOTE TO SELF (because I never thought about that!!) haha

Your outfit was really cute!!

Virginia Belle said...

Sounds like a great NYE minus the long walk home! I am so impressed that your got in the freezing cold ocean and your costume is amazing. It sounds like you have a very exciting year coming up. Happy 2011!

Ruth said...

Wow! Yeah it was the liquor strength that got your threw that walk. I would never be brave enough for the polar bear plunge.
Glad you had a fun weekend.

erica said...

Sounds like you had lots of fun. Those shoes are hot... probably killer walking in them for two miles but they're hot.