Friday, October 15, 2010

Gilt Bride

So I want to brag on a friend and former coworker of mine - she is Gilt's very first Gilt bride! Her wedding photos are all over the site.

Isn't her wedding dress amazing? It's so simple and unique...but so her. She got married a few months ago in Vegas!

She actually introduced me to Gilt and I remember when we worked together several years ago she was ALWAYS talking about the site and all of the good deals she got. Well, for her wedding she went Gilt crazy and got almost all of her essentials from Gilt!

I know it's silly, but I feel like I know someone famous now, lol...

Anyways - Gilt is having a huge wedding sale next week and a contest for the next 'Gilt Bride' who could be their style ambassador for their next wedding event and win a $5000 honeymoon! I'm thinking of entering.

And a small plug for me... if you haven't signed up for Gilt and you'd like to, please sign up under my name! :)