Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fashion Maturity

If I had to choose one store to describe my style I would pick Anthropologie hands down. I like trendy, but girlie - I love ruffles and vintage looking pieces. I didn't really discover Anthropologie until Fall of last year. I knew of Anthropologie, but I think because the prices are so high I've always avoided it.

I'm a Forever21 type of girl. I like trendy and I hate wearing the same outfit over and over, so it's easier for me to spend at places like Forever21 (Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe, etc.), wear the piece several times, then say goodbye to it when I clean out my closet each year. I feel less guilty if I only spent say $20 on it.

But as I quickly approach the big 3-0 and with my recent move to Charleston creating more grown up social outings - my taste in clothes has matured a little. Sure I still get suckered into the Target purchases or I still find great pieces at Forever21, but I've found a new appreciation for quality and fit. I've also decided that since I'm getting older, I need to try and dress more age appropriate. The fact that I like trendy and girlie sometimes makes me dress a lot younger than I am - which is fine - but I look 16 already, so if I dress 16 I'll never be taken seriously.

And with this new 'maturity', I've given myself a little more room as far as how much I'm willing to spend on a dress if I know the quality and fit will be well worth it. While I'm still not brave enough to drop the amount of some of the Anthro clothes - I'm OK with buying them once they go on sale - even though they are still in my opinion, pricey... but I know it will be worth it.

So with that note...I will be stalking this dress until it goes on sale on Anthropologie's site. I love that this dress is very 20's inspired.

But at $188, I do not like it that much... do you know how many clothes I can get at Forever21 for $188? :)

The picture of the model in the dress makes me think of Cornelia Vanderbilt, lounging in one of the ornate drawing rooms of the Biltmore House, admiring the fantastic view.

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Julie Leah said...

Oh, I love that dress! Actually there's not much at Anthro that I don't love. Everything is just so pretty and feminine and unfortunately, expensive :( I go straight for the sales when I walk through the door. I do splurge every now and then, though ;) Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, lady!!