Friday, June 18, 2010

Hello World

So this is my official first post. I hope I'll come back to this in five years after this blog makes me rich and famous and have a good laugh about how silly and naive I was.

I have built and run my own Web sites for years now - before blogs even existed. It was mainly an 'about me' with all of my photos from different happenings in my life. My friends and I joke that I had a digital camera before digital cameras were born. I also have the nickname 'paparazzi' with my friends because of my fondness of taking hundreds of random pictures on a night out.

Every two to three years I would rebuild my Web site, making it more current and with a better design. With the emergence of social media in the last few years, I realized that I could have an entire Web presence for free without really trying (Blogger, Flickr, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.).

So I had a blog that I frequently updated ( for about two or so years - a combination of my random consciousness and work related posts. My post frequency started to dwindle... I wasn't inspired.

Last August I moved to Charleston to be closer to my boyfriend of four years and I feel a new surge of thoughts, opinions, inspiration that I want to share and document - hence Charleston Girl. I want to share with readers and other bloggers alike the ups (and downs) of living in a beautiful, Southern coastal town.

I want to blog about fashion, food, the beaches, the people, etc. of Charleston. However, not every post will be about Charleston - because in a nutshell, this blog is about ME. :) Charleston is the supporting actor.

So stay tuned to the blog - see what it's like to be a young 20-something girl in one of the greatest places to live in the country.....Charleston, South Carolina.


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