Friday, October 26, 2012

Hello Anthropologie!

So, so, so, so, so excited that Anthropologie has opened a store in Charleston on King St.!

I got an invitation to the preview opening last night. I'm pretty sure they did a database search for online customers in Charleston who have spent greater than x amount of money where x is equal to a LOT of money. And I was probably in the top 25% of that list...hence the invite.


I was so excited to get a sneak peek. So my just as Anthroholic girlfriend and I went Thursday night to check it out. I wore Anthropologie to the Anthropologie opening.

Anthropologie Grand Opening

It's like wearing a band's t-shirt to their concert. Yes, I know. But the cardigan is Old Navy, so it wasn't Anthro overkill.


The store was fabulous with quirky decor and beautiful clothes. So we were able to sip on wine and shop.

The Store's Display Coordinator made this chandelier out of
saucers and melted plastic utensils!
My friend is a Tarheel fan...she loved this display. He's even
draped in UNC colors.
My friend and I stared at this and commented "Wow, that's a
thick and extremely large infinity scarf! Who could wear that?"
A sales associate snuck up behind us and said, "Um...that's
actually a wrap, not a scarf." Oh....oops.
We didn't leave empty handed...I got this gorgeous sweater. I sized up so I can pair it with black leggings and brown boots.


My friend got this skirt that is so pretty in person and fit her perfectly...


...and this gorgeous silver belt.


I think I will probably continue to shop Anthropologie online when they have free shipping, but continue to visit the store, just for the changing decor.

My wallet keeps telling me no...but my body....keeps saying yes!


Kelly said...

I can't wait to check it out! A friend of mine is working there and said she could probably hook me up w a discount, fingers crossed!

Jenny said...

Yep meant to go check it out but now I don't want to get out in this rain! LOVE me some Anthro!!! I was thinking, "Why didn't I get an invite!" I spend all my change in that place....then I realized they probably still have my AL address. Dammit.

jeny said...

I was SOOOOOOO bummed that I didn't get invited to the preview party. I don't know how they picked people because I spend a pretty penny there. In fact I was there at 10AM on Friday morning! I am super happy they are in town :) Love your buys.