Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gratuitous cute puppy picture for your Saturday

Taking care of a little puppy is a LOT of work... we knew it would be, but we're constantly having to take this little sucker out to pee, playing with him when he's full of energy, and making sure we're consistent in training and schedules etc. We wake up at 3:30am every night to take him out to's like having a new baby...definitely feeling the lack of sleep.

I hate leaving him all alone while I'm at work. I leave Nick Jr. on TV to keep him company. We're crate training him, but during the day we put his crate in the doorway of the bathroom so he has the bathroom to play around in and then his crate to sleep in.

Willow is doing great though. He's learning so fast. He's having little to no accidents in the house and he's starting to go to the door to let us know when he needs to go out. He already knows how to "sit" and he's good about staying close to us and coming when we call. He loves to get curled up in his crate and sleep at night and gladly climbs in when we say "Night, night Willow."

He's a big fan of his puppy food, but he also loves apples, carrots and peanut butter as treats. He also has big time puppy really lets some stinky ones rip while he sleeps.

We are over the moon in love with him and can't imagine why no one else adopted him before us. It must have been meant to be...he is the perfect puppy! And I know I'm biased, but he really is.

He's definitely keeping us busy though...I haven't been able to get in any running in the past four days and I feel like I've already gained 10 pounds. But when he climbs in my lap, curls up and gives me a puppy dog's all worth it!

And just to clarify, Willow is named after the 1988 movie Willow.... not Willow Smith of "I flip my hair..." fame. :)


Ruth said...

The first couple months are tiring. I didn't think I was ever going to get any sleep again when I got Belle.

Kendall said...

OMG...He is adorable. Lab???? I have a chocolate lab puppy (Hank) and a jack russell, My little girl (Miley). Having a puppy is hard to get used to put totally worth it. I wouldnt trade mine for anything :). Enjoy the puppy months bc then they get old and boring and just want to sleep, JK. They just arent as playful. I too leave the Tv on for my doggies, They say it is good for them so they dont feel so alone but mine watch Disney Channel. Miley will sit and watch Tv for hours.

Ps. Puppy gas...only gets worse when they are older. Well Hanks does. Sometimes I dont know whose is worse, Hanks or my Fiancee,Dustys. Ha ha!

Good Luck with the puppy training and Willow is Precious!

megan said...

When I got Brady at 9 weeks old, I lived on the 3rd floor of an apartment building. Talk about annoying! The puppy breath and kisses make it all worth it though! :)

Liz said...

I can TOTALLY relate to a post! My husband and I got a french bulldog/boston terrier puppy for Christmas and he is the BEST! But we are also taking him out to pee ALL THE TIME and watching his every move making sure he isn't eating something he isn't supposed and the puppy gas... Oh lord! It is stinkyyy. haha But it's all worth it with their cute little faces and the cuddling. I miss him so much when I'm at work!

Liz said...

P.S. I mean *this* post. I can totally relate to THIS post. haha

DSS said...

I remember when we first brought Louis home. Puppies are a LOT of work. And I'll tell you, as soon as we thought we had him trained, it was as if he started going backwards! He was having messes and wouldn't mind. I thought we were doing something wrong, but the vet says when they learn really quickly, sometimes they go backwards in their learning for a bit. Never fear! He figured it all out eventually.

Enjoy every minute. I adore Louis, but miss him being so tiny!