Monday, November 1, 2010

Live from's Saturday Night!!

My best friend and I as Wayne's World - I'm Garth!

Yes, that would be my fiance on the bottom with his best friend as the Ambiguously Gay Duo. I'm so proud, lol.

Our friends as Hans and Frans.

My fiance's cousin as 'you know what' in a box.

Spartan Cheerleader.

Mary Katherine Gallager - "Superstar!"

Just two Wild and Crazy Guys - old school SNL.

Target lady.

Charles Knerlman - another old school SNL.


Beth said...

OMG! I love love love all your costumes! :) We saw a D*ck in a Box and Wayne and Garth Saturday night...but I'm loving the Ambiguously Gay Duo.

Token Yankee said...

Very funny, I love the idea!

Ruth said...

I love all the costumes.

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